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Penquis Valley Schools Honor Roll

November 27, 2002 - TRC

First Quarter Honor Roll

Grade 12
High Honors: Nycole Beard, Colby Chase, Amanda Crouch-Smith, Jean Hamlin, Melissa K. Madden, Lucas Morris.

Honors: Heather Belair, Abigail Cowing, Leah Landry, Amanda Martin, Danielle Willette.

Grade 11
High Honors: Desiree Hogan, Amanda Kahl, Rebecca Madden.

Honors: Shawn Burke, Heather Dolley, Shannon Gerrish, Jennifer Hussey, Anthony Merrill, Krystle Morrill.

Grade 10
High Honors: Elyse Kahl, Maria Mills, Ludsay Small.

Honors: Erin Beasley, Derek Brewer, Ashley Case, Elizabeth Comeau, Danielle Graves, Katherine Hamlin, Lisa Koelsch, Jessica LaMunyan, Hilary London, Krystle Parkman.

Grade 9
High Honors: Kylie Palmer, Brian Twitchell.

Honors: Dustin Grinnell, Jennifer Hartmann, Tyler Herbst, Elizabeth Lemik, Jeremy Perry.

Grade 8
Honors: Krystle Leavitt, Jessica Metros, Chris Bessey.

Grade 7
High Honors: Noah Bissell, Ryan Madden.

Honors: Cody Andrews, Nycole Carey, Haley Flanders, Kyle Gero, Jennifer Goodine, Jessica Kahl, Lucas Knapp, Dylan Lyford, Nicholas Pender, Rebecca Perry, Cheryl Roesing

Grade 6
High Honors: Erica Lyford, Elias Twitchell, Alana Worster.

Honors: Ryan Bailey, Bruce Benoit, Kristopher Foss, Logan Greenlaw, Aaron Herbst, Paige McGuinness, Emily Mills,Stephen Morse, Brittney Newbert, Kelsey Ottman,Asa Sproul,Ashley Stanhope, Shane Woodard.

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