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Boat Launch Finished at Lakeview

October 25, 2008 - TRC

Newly completed boat launch at Lakeview.
A few more photos from today will be found in the "Autumn" photo album of TRC Maine.

Today was the first time I was in Lakeview on Schoodic Lake after the boat launch was completed. Earlier it was evident that the crew working with heavy equipment had a fair sized project going on. This picture shows a part of the result. This new and improved feature of Lakeview Plantation will be enjoyed by many, many people for years to come.

Parking space will easily accommodate the projected ten vehicle capacity. The concrete part of the launch looks great and is a huge improvement. The wharf has had attention and floats alongside the concrete ready to do it's part in getting boats on and off the lake. Don't miss the underwater remains of a past dock which remain visible at the lake end of the present dock.

A paved round drive surrounds a small vernal pool that may be spring fed as the lake is said to be. Because vernal pools are not inhabited by fish other forms of wildlife find safe haven in them. Frogs, salamanders, and interesting insects will move in by spring.

When the grass grows in this boat launch will be even more attractive. Old foundations of American Thread buildings were exposed and landscaped. The rocks on the shoreline are big enough that even I ventured out on them a little way. Exercise caution if you do the same - the lake is cold in summer and colder in the fall. No sticking a toe in this time of year for any but the most hotblooded.

Read the signs at the boat landing and read below for more relevant information. Some history of Lakeview's new boat launch from DIFW webpage :


Public Access Project Updates by Richard Dill

Schoodic Lake in Lakeview: The Department purchased a parcel of land on the south shore of Schoodic Lake in 2003 for the purpose of developing a second public access point to the lake. At the time of the purchase the parcel contained a preexisting, although inadequate, boat launch.

Reconstruction of the boat launch and construction of a parking lot with a capacity of 10 vehicles is planned for 2008.

The boat launch in Lakeview should alleviate pressure at the other public access point at Knights Landing in Brownville while providing anglers and boaters more direct access to the southern part of Schoodic Lake.

The lake continues to produce good numbers of wild lake trout, and landlocked salmon growth has been exceptional since stocking of the specie was resumed 3 years ago. This past fall 2 year old salmon captured during trapnetting efforts averaged over 21 inches in length and 3.5 pounds in weight. Brook trout are also stocked annually, and should provide good opportunity for anglers as well. Finally, smelts are in such good numbers that many anglers are able to catch their bait as well as take some home at the end of the day for a meal.

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