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Ways you can help meet needs resulting from the fire in downtown Milo.

September 15, 2008 - TRC

Dolly Perkins writes...

There are many needs, but I have been working with the Robshaw family, and for those who are interested, here's how you can help.

They will be relocating to a home where they will have to start all over. To those of you who have so generously donated so far, thank you so very much. The family has been overwhelmed with the kindness and generosity bestowed upon them by this community. You make me proud to be a part of it.

Clothing items are covered at this point, but some furniture and household goods are needed. Specifically, an electric range, dining chairs, beds, dressers, a couch, bookcases, linens and kitchen/cookware. Household tools/lawn equipment would be useful as well. PLEASE contact the town office BEFORE bringing in items...we do not have the space to house duplicate items.

I hope I can ask this without sounding ungrateful, but what they really need are funds. Everything they had is gone. Material Donations are wonderful, but winter is coming, and the mom is expecting and just had to leave her job...finances in a family this size are always tight, but with so many unexpected expenses they will be facing, a good way to help is to drop off a few dollars (or more!) at the Milo Town office on their behalf.

Grocery/gift cards are another way to really help any of the victims...they are always the right size !

This also saves them from being overwhelmed by "stuff". Please do not think that they are in any way soliciting this. I am speaking on my own, after spending a good portion of the day with them, and identifying what their needs are.

I do not wish to exclude the others that have suffered a loss, so please do not think I am forgetting anyone...I have simply spent more time with this particular family, and am not in a position to have fully assessed the circumstances of the others involved.

Prayers, Dolly Perkins


CubScoutPack112 also adds :

Even though the Robshaw family may be set with clothing, that is not speaking for the other families involved so please do not think that none of the people displaced in the fire need clothing.

As for sending donations only to the Milo Town Office, they have been contacted regarding the Cub Scout's intentions to set up donation drop off points and are in full support of this.

Please be on the look out for them in the next day or two. Thank you.

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