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Request for Municipal Proclamation

August 02, 2008 - TRC

Dear city/town representative:

Within the United States we have some of the best VA systems in our country. I state this from reading letters and statements written by parents or spouses of injured veterans from other areas. I have also seen how our VA system works with and cares for each individual they treat, as my son is a wounded veteran. We should be proud of what our VA does for each veteran while helping with their needs and at the same time dignifies their honor for what they have encountered during their service for our country to protect each citizen, each of us.

As of April 29th 2008 the Pentagon found a conservative figure of 31,848 wounded service members in the current conflicts nationwide. They estimate the number of brain injuries alone might total 320,000, or 20 percent of the 1.64 million who have served so far. In addition to the physical injuries, there are thousands of cases (averaging approximately 40-45% returning war veterans) of depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This only includes the number cases receiving help. These veterans average in age of 19-30 and these numbers are only from the current conflicts. Now, add in those from previous wars such as Vietnam, Korean, and WW II and you will see why there is a need to show they are not and will not be forgotten.

On May 1, 2008, 46 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and over 180 towns and cities across the country joined with Silver Star Families of America and declared “Silver Star Day” to remember the wounded and ill of our Armed Forces. http://www.silverstarfamilie s.org/SilverStarDay2008.html

Across the country, in Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan the wounded and ill from ALL wars were remembered and honored.

In Maine, your Governor signed the state’s proclamation; I wish there had been time to contact the cities but sadly there was not.

But, you should be proud to know that your governor acknowledged the wounded veterans at that time. This time I am making sure each city/town has the same chance of signing their own proclamation to show their support for the wounded veterans from within your state.

This is what happened after this past designated date, it surprised us. The organization received notes and letters from many towns thanking us for including them AND we started to get complaints from Mayors and other cities/towns across the country who wanted to know why they were not included. Many stated if there had been more time then something could have been planned within the town or local VSO office to show the appreciation of the sacrifices made. The simple answer is that we did not have the volunteer power to reach out to everyone in a very short window of time. This was the first time that this was done at this size scale. Many states, cities, and towns have a specified timeframe they are allowed to make proclamations and the timeframe was just too short to make all the connections.

Therefore, the organization has decided to get a jump-start on 2009. We hope the state, mayors, and selectmen/town government will do what they can to get your state to show the best support you can for our military men and women that have returned home from deployments injured in some manner; whether physically or psychologically, whether visible or invisible wounds. This organization supports the wounded... We would love to see all of the cities and towns represented from your state. Sounds far fetched doesn’t it? Many states have already started sending proclamations in. Most are signing the proclamation for the permanent status.

We are asking you to join with us NOW to remember and honor our wounded. Suspend your time limits and issue Proclamations for next year’s Silver Star Banner day and send them as soon as possible. We are even asking if you would like to sign one for the permanent status of allowing those injured to be recognized yearly for their sacrifices. This would also help us with the yearly request as it would be already completed and your town would not need to send out a new proclamation each year.

By acknowledging our request in advance it will give the cities, towns, VSO Agent, VFW, American Legion, VA hospital or Vet Center, or other groups or organizations that wish to recognize and honor their wounded, time to plan an event or recognition.

On May 1, 2009, we want to tell the media and our wounded warriors that their entire state, every city and town within the state, are thinking and praying for them and that we appreciate them. That their sacrifice isn’t going unnoticed.

Following May 1st, your proclamations will be donated to the Stars and Stripes Museum where the original Silver Star Flag is on display for all to see.

If you look at the following site you will see what the 2009 page looks like so far: http://www.silverstarfamilie s.org/SilverStarBannerDay200 9.html Now, can your state fill a lot of spaces? Wouldn’t that give each city/town a warm feeling and a lot of pride? Wouldn't that show our wounded that they are being acknowledged as heroes?

We, as an organization, thank you for you patriotism and care for the wounded of our Armed Forces. Those wounded all need to know we care and appreciate what they have personally sacrificed. I, personally, thank you as a mother of a wounded soldier.

Please let me know of your city/town’s decision if you will or will not sign, and if it will be for the year or permanently at: cocobear710@comcast.net

If you choose to sign, which I hope you do, please send your proclamation to either myself at:

Nancy Spoerke, 88 Francine Drive, Brockton MA 02302

or to the organization’s founder:

Steve Newton, Founder SSFOA, 525 Cave Hollow Rd, Clever, MO. 65631

To find out more about this organization go to: www.silverstarfamilies.org

For a July 10th news release on the 2009 Silver Star Day go to: http://www.defenselink.mil:8 0/news/newsarticle.aspx?id=5 0457

A sample of the proclamation is accompanying this letter. You may make changes to fit your own situation for your town or city.

Thank You


Nancy Spoerke, member of Silver Star Families of America

Silver Star Banner Day CITY Proclamation or Resolution 2009

WHEREAS, the City of ___________has always honored the sacrifice of the men and women in the Armed Forces and

WHEREAS, The Silver Star Families of America was formed to make sure we remember the blood sacrifice of our wounded and ill by designing and manufacturing a Silver Star Banner and Flag and

WHEREAS, to date The Silver Star Families of America has freely given thousands of Silver Star Banners to the wounded and their families, and

WHEREAS, the members of The Silver Star Families of America have worked tirelessly to provide the wounded of this City and Country with Silver Star Banners, Flags and care packages, and

WHEREAS, The Silver Star Families of America's sole mission is that every time someone sees a Silver Star Banner in a window or a Silver Star Flag flying, that people remember the sacrificed for this City, State and Nation and

WHEREAS, the people and Mayor of _________ wish that the sacrifice of so many in our Armed Forces never be forgotten

NOW THEREFORE, I,________________, MAYOR OF THE CITY OF_______ do hereby proclaim

My appreciation of The Silver Star Families of America and honor their commitment to our wounded Armed Forces members. I hereby declare May 1st “SILVER STAR BANNER DAY” the permanent and official day to honor the wounded and ill Soldiers of the City of ___________.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the City of ________ in the State of ___________ this day_________ year_______.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.