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Atkinson : 21st Annual Quilt Show and Sale

July 20, 2008 - TRC

"Farming" by Martha Andrews - Birthday gift to Basil Andrews
The 21st Annual Quilt Show and Sale was held at the Methodist Church in Atkinson on Saturday, July 19th. For the first time ever I made it to the show ! My trusty camera and I went to take pictures for the photo album. My husband, Doug, went because he learned they were serving a lunch and he knows the cooking of rural Maine.

We left our donation for admission, signed the guest book, received a program with information about the quilt show, and also were given a little gift packet for later. Gloves were offered for our hands so the quilts would not be soiled by handling. There was a prize for finding a “Smiley” on your program, but we didn’t find a “Smiley”. What I did find was a gem of philosophy in this quote : Happiness is patching together life’s pieces.

At 21 years of age the Quilt Show proclaimed itself, “All grown up and still quilting”. The quilts were all lovely and there were quilts and other items everywhere in the church. There were also very nice fleece blankets of which I didn’t get pictures. A pillow, framed art, table toppers and runners, place mats, jackets, and purses were among other items on display. Pews were pressed into service as quilt racks and they served well. It was like looking at an ocean of quilts. Several quilts were hung on the walls between the windows. More were on big wooden quilt racks. I knew I couldn’t identify and photograph them all. Hopefully the pictures in the Special Events section of the photo album on this site will give a good representation of the 21st Annual Quilt Show.

This 2008 Quilt Show was dedicated to a founding member of the Atkinson Lady Quilters, Dorothy Pratt Speed (May 3,1920 - March 31, 2008). At the front of the church was a framed picture of Dot, an album of pictures of her work and a display of many of her completed quilting projects. All of her projects were bright and colorful - she left their beauty for us to share.

Raffle tickets were for sale and prizes included a basket of quilting accessories, a hanging planter from Leaves and Blooms, and a quilt.

Lunch was served in the dining area at the back of the church. Tables were inviting with blue cloths and at least two of my favorite flowers, Black-Eyed-Susans and English Asters. My husband happily devoured his lunch -sandwich, pickles, chips, carrot sticks and lemonade. The lemonade was just the drink for the warm summer day. I finished my lunch plate first and went to explore the dessert table. Brought back carrot cake for myself and a dessert bar for Doug. By then he’d started on his refill of lemonade and was feeling right at home. He’d be the first to tell you this event is not just for women. After my dessert I went about my business of taking more pictures. Basil Andrews came along and sat down across the table from Doug. They had a nice chat and not until I was reviewing my pictures did I realize that a quilt made for Basil as a birthday gift was among those I had photographed. It is pictured with this article.

Barbie Shedd from Simple Sacks in Brownville was a vendor at the show. She brought many, many bolts of cloth just right for inspiring future quilting projects. She brought cloth that was dark, pastel colors, plain, print, florals, stripes, checks - all awaiting their turn at becoming part of a quilting project.

The back of the program lists the members of the Atkinson Lady Quilters. They are : Dot Andrews, Martha Andrews, Arline Dean, Debbie Dunham, Janice Flowers, Grace Hague, Jane Marshall, Lillian Mayo, Marty Resotko Richards, Linda Roebuck, Dodie Sheffield, Phyllis Smith and Iris Snowfire. I am recognizing the membership here because I want viewers to know the skilled and talented women who create the quilts and other products that make the Quilt Show possible. Thank you all for an amazing local event !

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