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MSAD 41 Regionalization Planning Committee

June 09, 2008 - TRC

To the Citizens of MSAD #41:

As MS AD #41 looks at the process of school reorganization, it is important that you know a Regionalization Planning Committee (RFC) has been formed to work through this process which is required by law. MS AD #41 's RFC is made up of three people from each of the four district towns. Each town has a school board member (appointed by the school board chairman), a municipal representative, and a community member (appointed by town municipal leaders).

As co-chairs of the RFC, we recently attended a meeting with committee chairs and superintendents from our neighboring school units, specifically MS AD #68 (Dover-Foxcroft) and Union 60 (Greenville). These two groups have been working cooperatively on the issue of school reorganization for several months; MS AD #41 has recently joined the process.

We approached this meeting with a positive attitude, but also with out eyes wide open to the concerns we all share around this state-mandated initiative. We spoke openly and shared some of the fears citizens have about this process. We were impressed with the candor and respect shown to us, as well as the fact that members from other districts shared the same concerns as ours. The biggest concerns we all had centered around local control, local elementary schools, and the future of Penquis Valley High School and Greenville High School.

Those from MSAD #68 and Union 60 welcomed our questions, and everyone acknowledged that community issues need to be addressed in public and that the process must be transparent and open. The focus must remain on how we can best provide expanded opportunities for our students while reigning in ever-escalating costs.
We hope to set up public forums soon for the residents of MSAD #41 to provide the opportunity for each of you to ask the questions that you have and have those questions heard and addressed. The forums will also be set up as a way to share information across our district's communities.

In closing, we would like to reiterate the sense of community, respect, and unified values we took from this important initial meeting. We think that this process can be a positive initiative for our school system if we remain focused on what is best for our students. We will continue to ask probing questions on behalf of this district as the process moves forward.

Thank you for your continued interest in this important initiative; we will provide additional information as we work through this process.

Nancy Cook
Tony Hamlin

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.