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Maine Trucks Head For DC

April 24, 2008 - TRC

Countdown To The DC Rally
By Belinda Raymond

As, I write this article it is Tuesday morning, five days before Maine trucks leave to join in the nationwide rally in Washington, DC. I am enjoying the peace and quiet as I know it will not last , soon the phone will start ringing and I will throw on my multi-tasking hat and get down to business, as communication central. Albert, sure got us into a beehive with this one but so very much is already beginning to grow from it.

The Coalition has been fielding inquiries from all Maine to DC , by phone and by internet, while making inquiries of their own as well. While in DC, the Coalition and Maine citizens will be attending some strategic meetings in hopes of bringing more needed relief to Maine’s families, businesses and economy. This rally is about a lot more then protesting high fuel prices, there is a well organized list of long term goals as well.

We have spent some time talking with U.S. Senator Snowe’s Legislative Assistant of Energy and Environment this past week, Mr. Patrick Woodcock. On April 17th,2008 U.S. Senators Snowe, Feinstein and Levin signed and sent a letter to their ranking colleagues about the importance of including the “ CFTC Reauthorization Act of 2007” on the extension of the Farm Bill that is soon to be voted upon. This would in their words, “ ensure that there was a cop on the beat “ to prevent price manipulation and other abuses in the commodity futures trading market. To follow last Sunday, the Coalition received a call from Mr. Woodcock asking that the Coalition back and help drum up support for a new bill that was proposed two days later by U.S. Senator Snowe, “ the Diesel Tax Parity Act”. This bill, if passed would bring the federal diesel tax into parity with the gasoline tax. Lowering it from 24.3 cents a gallon to 18.3 cents a gallon. A small step but one she feels will pass and help a little.

In addition to the above , Coalition core group members have been talking with Maine people about assisting in this rally by sponsoring the Maine trucks willing to go to DC. Any truck going to DC will be carrying the expense of diesel fuel and permits necessary to the trip, which is approximately $1400.00. Then some of the owner operators will also loose two days work, as the rally is on Monday and they would not get back to Maine until sometime Tuesday. Others will be doing business and are taken care of financially. Yet, others may be hauling back trailers for Pottles and are using that pay as part of their finances. They are all glad to do this to try and bring about positive change. Please support them with your sponsorship, every little bit counts.

Thus far there has been some very positive responses towards helping ease the financial burden of their trip. We are copying all checks , sending out immediate thank yous with a receipt . Anyone whom has the ability to financially help these men please mail your donation to : Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices 1640 Kingman Road, Kingman, Maine 04451. Please make your check out to the Coalition To Lower Fuel Prices and put DC Rally on the memo. Sincerely, your help will be greatly appreciated as diesel fuel hit $4.36 a gallon this week. It is sad that these trucks need to even burn diesel to go to DC but someone needs to get these issues more clearly on the minds of the U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress, so burn it they will be forced to do. Yet they have planned for meeting while there to get more for the money being expended.

Meanwhile, we have been given a generous offer by the Knights of Columbus and Sound FX, as this Friday, April 25th, 2008 they will be hosting a benefit dance at the Knights of Columbus Hall from 8-12 p.m. with all proceeds going to help sponsor these Maine trucks trip to DC. A huge “ Thank You “ goes out to them.
Please come dance and lend your support. It is important.

There will be a passenger van taking eleven people wishing to go to DC being arranged by Coalition member, Brian Souers. There is a fee of $100.00 per seat for the trip to cover the expense of the fuel and the driver. Call 794-2044 to reserve your seat. First come, first serve. Individuals needing hotel/motel arrangements are responsible for making them. We will be spending the night in Harrisburg, PA at the Gables Truck Stop. There are several hotels right along Linglestown Road.

Maine trucks going to DC are asking truck owners / operators and individuals unable to make the trip to please gather at the old A & S / Morrison Chevrolet Dealership between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday , April 27th, 2008 and line up with the trucks going on their way. You may go as far as you like, 10 miles, 100 miles or all the way to Kittery. We will be meeting Congressman Allen in Kennebunk on the way down. This will show all of Maine that you support these Maine trucks, the Coalition and your Maine Legislators as they leave our state to try and help each of us. We also invite the public to come and join us. Those going to DC in their own vehicles and those coming to show their support .

EVERYONE going to DC please remember your protest signs and your flags : Maine, U.S., and Military; including your POW. Once arriving in DC and doing our parade of trucks we will be walking from the truck parking area to the Reflection Pool at the Capitol,. We will use our flags and signs during this procession. Wear comfortable shoes.

We are very hopeful that we also will have our own Maine media along for the trip as we have spoken with several who have lined up approval for the trip.
Ms. Angela DiMillio of WAGM-TV called looking for a truck going from Aroostook County to ride along with. She was greatly disappointed that no trucks had called from her own county to participate in this trip. She is adamant that she wants a truck from her own county, so if you can make this trip and are willing, let her know. Her work number is 764-4464 ext. 981. She really is sincere about her own county representation. Heather Seavey of News Center 2 will be rolling along the way in the Bangor area as well. We are all very grateful to the media for all they have and are doing to help along the way, no matter what the given situation.

We are all gearing up for a safe, memorable and prosperous trip. A complete listing of supporters will be listed in the newspapers upon our return to Maine. We greatly appreciate your support and will do our very best to represent Maine and each of you while in DC. God bless.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.