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April 06, 2008 - TRC

Dear Citizens of Milo:

Over the past four years I, like many others, have given countless hours in an attempt to improve the quality of life in Milo. What was a monthly meeting or two quickly turned into several meetings a week, many of them contentious and difficult.

Included are many sleepless nights and endless phone calls concerning town issues.
The cost to my personal life has been high and the emotional stress that accompanied the leadership positions I've tried to live up to have been extreme. In spite of this I thought it was worth the effort because of my commitment to the town that I grew up in and for the economic and social future of our young people.

Recent events have proven that to be an incorrect assumption. As elected officials, we are charged with doing what is right for our constituents; that has been my guiding principle since my first day in office, in addition, I have always tried to treat citizens' concerns with respect and understanding.

However, it is time for a change. To disagree with one's opinion is fair game; when misinformed individuals, carrying personal agendas and armed with half truths and innuendo, question the honesty and integrity of individual Board members, it is time to go.

1 want to thank the citizens of Milo for the honor of representing them in town government. I hope they become active in town affairs and remain vigilant in overseeing the actions of their representatives. Fair, objective questioning by citizens is the hallmark of our democracy.

I believe that the new town manager will help Milo grow and prosper. His openness and honest approach to serving people will be beneficial as we look to expand our tax base and renew a positive relationship with our neighbors. His intimate knowledge of our problems and unique circumstances, as well as his proven commitment to our community are the reasons I supported him.

As Milo turns a new corner, I hope the new leadership is supported and brighter days are ahead for our community.

Thank you,
Tony Hamlin

Editor's note :

The first time Tony Hamlin stood out in his municipal leadership, to my way of thinking, was after the dissolution of the shared chief's agreement with the town of Brownville when he told BDN reporter, Diana Bowley, words to the effect that he hoped that in the future joint efforts could have a better outcome. Other board members may well have been thinking the same way, but it was Tony who put himself on the line by saying the words out loud and for publication. It was not the popular opinion in Milo municipal government at that time. Tony's work in the reversal of that attitude has left a legacy of hope for more co-operation and collaboration for us all.

Five people voted to appoint the new Town Manager. Two of those five were elected in March. The vote was unanimous. It is beyond my wildest imaginings to believe that the vote or the hiring process was controlled in any way by anyone. The evening of the 27th half truths were put forth. Insinuations were made. I have no doubt about the existence of a hidden agenda. Clearly there were at least two objectives : first to disrupt Milo's governmental decision in hiring the new Town Manager and second to discredit Tony personally in his role of selectman. Both failed.

Tony, your commitment to Milo is recognized and appreciated. You will see the work you began continuing. Thank you for all you've done in your work on the Board of Selectmen.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.