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4-H Penquis Activities Club

February 14, 2008 - TRC

The 4-H PAC (Penquis Activities Clubs) began a new round of after school programs on Monday, January 28, 2008. Our first class on the 14th was cancelled due to weather. Chess facilitated by Natalie Hitchcock and two HS student mentors will continue. In a new class called “Exploring 4-H” to run concurrently with Chess, Sue Henner will teach soap making for two sessions. Then, Sandra Haley will begin teaching knitting for the following four sessions with assistance from the Milo Elementary School librarian Jeannine Lavigne, and Jan Barton a Milo Kiwanis Club member. We hope to have volunteers trained in teaching fun science with agriculture for a few sessions, have some more lessons from the Exploring 4-H book, and finish up with outdoor learning experiences provided by college students before the program closes on May 19th.

The Cultural Heritage Arts 7th grade classes gathered their projects together for a photo shoot last in January. Social Studies teachers Wally Russell and Brenda Kain hinted that a Parent’s Night or assembly for other students may be in store in the near future for displaying the young people’s work. It was a nice surprise to recognize Telos Wallace, who was in the elementary Chess program in May of 2007, doing a computer display as part of the 7th grade class in the high school program this fall as a way of showing how the programs complement each other.

Something new began on Monday, January 28. Students from the Brownville Elementary School and Marion C. Cook School in Lagrange participated in the Chess & Exploring 4-H Programs. The Brownville youth arrived by bus. Transportation of students from LaGrange was provided by the parents. We are still recruiting adult volunteers from these communities to offer more classes. If we find a couple of qualified volunteers at each site, we would love to hold programs at the Brownville & Marion C. Cook Elementary Schools. For now, they are welcome at the Milo Elementary School, graciously hosted by Principal, Cathy Knox and Secretary, Susan Keith.

Volunteers should contact 4-H Aide, Linda Whitten for more information regarding the program lwhitten@umext.maine.edu or call 564-3301 at University of Maine Cooperative Extension of Piscataquis County.

Submitted by Linda Whitten

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