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Re: buildings on Six Camp Road, Ebeemee

January 31, 2008 - TRC

Regarding sheds/boathouses/old buildings located on Six Camp Road
(formerly fire road two) T5R9 at Ebeemee Lake

This is a public notice to inform any and all interested parties claiming any property on / at the Six Camp landing road.

The landing has been purchased and deeds have been distributed to 18 island owners only. We understand some members of the community have been using the landing for storage for years without a lease of deed. Should you have any claim to property on the land that is now owned by the Ebeemee Island Owners Association (EIOA) please remove your property at this time. In an effort to be good neighbors, the EIOA has allowed and will allow users additional time to remove their claimed property. We have posted notices of meetings to the users of the boathouses and open meetings have been held at the Milo Town Hall on 5/20/07, 7/21/07, 9/23/07, and 11/4/07. On 11/04/07 a majority vote was counted and the outcome was to demolish all boathouses on the property.

Therefore, any items at the landing, including trailers, canoes/boats, boathouses (sheds, buildings), and any contents of these buildings must be removed from the property no later than January 31, 2008. Please be advised, should any items or boathouses remain on the property at the Six Camp Road Landing it will be discarded by the owners after January 31, 2008. Please make arrangements to remove your property as soon as possible, thank you.

Should you have any questions, call 207-965-8747.

Submitted by : Ken Jay (bungholio_1@hotmail.com)

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.