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Thanks again and God Bless all of You !

September 17, 2007 - TRC

Hi, "Team Tara" participants -

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who participated, in one way or another, in the "Team Up for Tara" weekend in Milo. WHAT A SUCCESS !

It all started out as such a "small" idea, and we never expected it to turn out the way that it did !

There were over 160 participants, including many, many children who "Lined up for the Lillys" on Saturday, September 8th. Members of the PVHS graduating class of '93 (Tara's class), St. Mary's Catholic Church Choir, and the PVHS Girls' Soccer Team all showed up for the event. There were also a few teachers from Ralph M. Atwood Elementary School, where Paige and Eve attend school, as well as employees of the Togus VA Medical Center, in Augusta, where Ryan is employed. Men, women, and children of all ages, from all over the state of Maine, showed up to support Tara ! It was truly amazing and very powerful! God was working through all of us !

It was such a blessing to have Ryan, Tara, Paige, Eve, Jude, and Brynn be a part of the walkathon, as well !

We are so thankful that God allowed them to be with us! Many other family members joined us for the walk, including Tara's grandparents, Raymond and Margaret Amsden from Newport.

Melissa Hill read a beautiful parable and prayer, and Tara's aunt, Kathy Amsden, and her singing partner, Carol, sang a beautiful song about standing "Side by Side." Those present joined hands and truly felt the power of God move through the whole group.

Although all of the money collected has not yet been turned in, the latest figure was $15,132.00, which included the balloons, t-shirts, and CD's that were sold that day. Who would ever had thought that over $15,000.00 would be collected on the walkathon alone ?

There was also a middle school soccer tournament at Harris Field, and John Pokrywka, the Milo Rec. Director, presented us with $335.00 collected from snack shack sales. The comedy show at the town hall with Travis "Bull" Cowing and special guest, Mike Johnson, brought in almost $500.00. Sheilah Bissell had a basket of goodies donated by MSAD #41, and she attended all events selling raffle tickets. We
believe that she sold around $250.00 in tickets. We know there were many who turned out for the Kiwanis barbeque at Tom and Stephanie Gillis's house, but we're not sure how much money they ended up collecting. C&J's is still working on totaling the money collected from returnables from the bottle drive on Sunday.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend ! Thanks to all of you who were involved in this project, as we couldn't have done it without your support ! Everyone gave in some way, whether it was monetary, a talent, or time, and all are equally appreciated.

A special thank you to the following donors:

Russell's Sports and Printing for donating t-shirts
Stephanie Gillis for donating balloons
Mike Bennett for donating bottled drinking water
Barbara Joyce for donating coffee and donuts/pastries
Val Robertson and Ann Dowd helping paper advertising
Shirley Wright for allowing use of school property for the walk

Thanks to Beth Zimmerman, Tammy Cougle, Barb Joyce, Angie Smart, Chris Davis, Brian Wiles, Amanda Walker, Debbie Walker, and anyone else we are leaving out for helping with registration, parking, and whatever else needed to be done on the day of the walk.

Thanks again and God Bless all of You !

Jill Russell-Morey
Kerri Russell-Wiles
Megan Russell

PS : Please pass this along to all those that you know have been part of "Team Tara," including prayer warriors, money givers, and/or time donators.

Also, check out www.carepages.com to keep up to date on Tara's progress and give notes of encouragement.

Her page name is: MamaOfHope and you must type it just as I have, without spaces, and lower and uppercases as above.

For those of you who still have donations to turn in, please send to Jill Russell-Morey, 9 Thornbury Way, Windham, ME 04062, or take to Maine Savings Credit Union.

Thanks for your continued support of the Hayes/Lilly family !

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.