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BJHS - PVHS Alumni Association Meets

August 20, 2007 - TRC

Tomorrow we will be celebrating with the Town of Brownville the 2007 theme “ Brownville’s Heritage”. Remembering our roots so to speak. From the Quarries to the Railroads to the Log Yards. To the days of the YMCA and the schools in our town. We all remember those days with fond memories and not so fond memories. We were all sad to see the YMCA and our schools go, and then we were very glad to see that our memories were coming alive in this building. It is our heritage that we can leave to our children some day.

Let us remember the 1982 reunion when the Alumni Association was formed. It was held at the Legion Hall and that was the start of the new beginning. The officers at the meeting scrounged around to get names and addresses for the graduates from BJHS, and including the people that attended the high school and the little schools. After all we were looking ahead, and needed all the members we could get.

Remember the excitement when the first $10,000 check came in the mail from a man that we had down as deceased. He wanted to start a scholarship fund. His name was Allen Lente and he was the catalyst and that’s why we are all here today. We approached him with the idea of building our own hall just for the alumni, as a sort of replacement for our school days gone by. He said that he would give us another check for $15,000 if we could earn $5,000. We did and he did and the rest is history. His generous donations along with some other generous donations from other alumni graduates made this all possible. We worked our hearts and souls out for this hall, and we are all so proud of what we have accomplished. We couldn’t have done it without all your generous donations, and the people that so willingly have donated their time and hours to make it the hall it is today.

We formed a building committee, and we looked at the site of the old school, and we talked to the Town Manager about land. Then we got a call from Bill Perry, his Dad Ralph and his Aunt Emily wanted to give us this land that we are on now as a gift. We were on our way. It would take us many years until Henry Graves talked to his accountant son and asked what he could do for us. Duane, class of 1984, worked hard and he made that dream come true. We were finally a non profit organization, what a sigh of relief that was. We have made Duane a life time member of the alumni, as he would accept no payment for all his work, he did it in honor of his parents Henry and Annie Graves.

As they say, “We have come a long way, Baby”! We have had more wedding receptions , and yes, even weddings, in this building. We have seen birthday parties, New Years Eve parties, dances, card games, receptions after funerals and baby showers, just to name a few. We have called the local members to come and help paint the walls and had a darn good time while doing it. We have had turkey suppers, bean suppers, beef suppers, breakfasts, put on meals for the railroad, alumni reunions, since the hall was built in 1985. That was 22 years ago, imagine. We have lost many members that held paint brushes, shoveled dirt, washed walls, windows and floors. Also the ones that cooked turkeys, and pies, made sandwiches, squares and the ones that have faithfully kept the card parties alive all these years.

I would like to remind everyone of the people that served as our officers from 1982 to present day.

Presidents: 1963 Edward Weston, 1963 Jerome Chase, 1932 Pauline Rogers Sherberne, 1940 Bernice Russell Stone, 1952 Betty Cail Friend, 1962 Bonnie Stubbs Butterfield, 1969 Allana Mills Washburn, 1967 George Dean, 1962 Bonnie Stubbs Butterfield, 1958 June Weston Marsh. Vice Presidents: 1962 Virginia Stone Weston, 1963 Edward Weston, 1940 Bernice Russell Stone, 1932 Pauline Rogers Sherberne, 1944 Gerald MacLean, 1971 Susan Cowing Flagg, 1953 Hugh Hamlin, 1957 Berton Lockhart. Secretary’s: 1962 Donna Cobb Morrill, 1953 Medora Russell Bryant, 1931 Marvel Mulherin Harshaw, 1945 Dawn Washburn Priestman, 1971 Susan Cowing Flagg, 1954 Carol Barnes Horne. Treasurer: 1960 Linda McKinnon Coburn.
Scholarship Committee Chairperson: 1957 Nancy MacDonald Belvin, 1965 Rosemary Pennington Chase, 1949 Honorene Wadman Richardson, Honorary member Susan Worcester. Historian’s: 1934 Marion MacKinnon Cail, 1931 Ruth Knox Owens, 1954 William Sawtell. If you will notice that there has been some repeats of some of the officers, and you will also notice, that once we get an officer it is like pulling teeth to “let” them retire. This year we have “told” the present officers that they are stuck for another year. If you want out, get a dentist.

I would personally like to thank all the away alumni for all their generous donations, their nice letters thanking the home alumni for all they do, and for the help they have given us all through the years. I know who you are as I cash all your checks. If not for you, this building would not survive. And to the “townies”, thanks for all the help, work and cooking you have done through the years.

I hope by inviting the Penquis Valley Alumni, that we will have many more years of fun and hopefully that our work load will soon be on younger shoulders, ours are getting pretty bent. To the Penquis Alumni present, welcome and thank you.

Thank you all.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.