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Best Management Practices Manual Available for Maine Agriculture

May 01, 2007 - TRC

AUGUSTAóThe Maine Department of Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources has published the Manual of Best Management Practices for Maine Agriculture after years of preparation by many cooperating agencies and individuals.

The BMP manual is a reference document for the Maine Department of Agriculture, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Educators, agricultural industry experts and others.

The Manual is a tool for assisting nutrient management planning specialists and others charged with developing or evaluating best management practices (BMPs) on farms for resolving agriculture-related environmental concerns. It also may be used as a guide for determining whether a farm is conforming to or has adopted BMPs. Certain Maine statutes require development and adoption of BMPs by agricultural operations, and this Manual provides guidance here as well. Farming activities/site conditions are diverse and BMPs must be adapted to conditions on a site-specific basis.

The 144 best management practices listed in the Manual, along with their associated 400 references from the scientific literature or technical manuals, constitute a menu from which appropriately trained/experienced planners can select site-specific BMPs for problem solving.

Copies of the Manual, as well as review copies of most of the 400 references mentioned above, are available in the Nutrient Management Office. The Manual is posted on the Departmentís website,at http://www.maine.gov/agriculture/narr/documents
for easy access. Many of these references have an active link that can be accessed directly from the on-line manual.

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