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Developing Northern Maine project of historical interest !

April 30, 2007 - TRC

Roberta Williams of LaGrange has quietly and with great dedication been gathering information about one of her pet interests - the little known Aroostook War. Her new non-profit organization is : The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine.The e-mail address is : nome1837@gwi.net

“Bertie” is a staff of one. She is a retired teacher and she brings her skills from teaching to her tasks founding this new project. Bertie is a familiar face at the Bangor Public Library where she has done volunteer research for the Penobscot County Genealogical Society. From her work at Ofelias she has brought the food distribution, traveling thrift store, and fundraising lunches to LaGrange. Bertie is also the LaGrange Resource Advisor for www.trcmaine.org.

To date, she has gathered 700 pages of payroll and other misc. records which she is in the process of reviewing. She also has on disc the 1910 GAR Roster. From examining these records Bertie says as it looks like “Milo/Bangor and points north and east were part of the Third (3rd) Division…under Major General Hodsdon”. Several people have already made good use of her research material. Daughters of Union Veterans sisters have been happy to find information, including Post numbers and units in which they served, for ancestors’ service during the Civil War.

“Bertie” is very interested in gathering as much data as possible regarding the participants in the Aroostook War for a soon to be developed website.
The site will have a searchable database for the use of persons researching ancestry as well as for other purposes. If you have information about any veteran (s) of the Aroostook War, Bertie would very much appreciate your contacting her. Your data could be helpful, not only to The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine, but to families seeking information about their veteran ancestors.

As her project has grown towards fruition much work remains and requires expertise this multi-talented woman just doesn’t have. Giving the project an online presence will expand the potential benefits. Bertie needs a volunteer to build her website, part of which will include a searchable database. Once the site is built interested people may be needed to enter data. The website will make the data available to anyone seeking information. Specific types of requests will be fee for service to help the website be financially self-supporting.

It is hoped that The 1837 Foundation of Northern Maine will become an outstanding center for knowledge on The Aroostook War and the people who served.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.