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Maine’s Emergency Management Community Bracing for Another Storm

April 13, 2007 - TRC

AUGUSTA, MAINE – Maine’s emergency managers and responders will be called upon yet again, as the National Weather Service is predicting a powerful storm will impact Maine Sunday afternoon through Monday. According to Maine Emergency Management Agency Director Robert McAleer, although it is still unclear exactly how this storm will play out, it could produce a number of hazards including high winds, heavy snow, rain, power outages, storm surge and coastal flooding, and small river and stream flooding.

“Maine’s emergency managers are preparing for whatever comes,” McAleer said. “We held a conference call this morning with the National Weather Service, County Emergency Management Agencies, major cities and state agency partners. Although we don’t know yet exactly how this storm will play out, it is clear that we need to be ready for a variety of serious scenarios.”

County and local emergency managers are preparing within their own communities for the hazardous weather mix. “There is great local coordination, as usual, as we get ready for this,” McAleer said.

McAleer reminded Mainers to stay informed about the approaching storm, and to make sure they and their families are prepared for bad weather:

* Pay close attention to weather forecasts. This is a developing storm, and more and better information will be available as the storm approaches.

* Review your family emergency plan. If you had to leave your home, where could you go ? What items would you take with you ? If you were isolated in your home by flooded roads, do you have adequate supplies at home ? If you were separated from your family, do you have a communications plan to keep in touch with each other ? How would you protect your pets or farm animals ?

More tips on emergency preparedness can be found at http://www.maineprepares.com

McAleer noted that these steps are recommended at all times, but are especially important when a major storm is expected.

He especially cautioned against risk-taking in high surf conditions. “Resist the urge to get close to the surf,” he said, “Sightseers who put themselves at risk can become a problem responders don’t need.”

McAleer said MEMA would be conferring with the National Weather Service throughout the weekend, and his office would be open on Monday to deal with whatever the storm brings. “Mother Nature does not observe holidays,” he said. Monday is Patriot’s Day in Maine.

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