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2007 Open Water Law Book Has Three Regulation Errors

March 22, 2007 - TRC

AUGUSTA, Maine Due to a printing error, the 2007 Open Water Fishing Law Book has three regulation errors, and the department is working to correct them and ensure that they dont occur again.

It is unfortunate that these errors were made, but we are working on a system with the printer to make sure that these errors or similar ones are not made again, said Marc Michaud, Director of Public Information and Education.

Currently, the department is placing an adhesive label containing the omitted regulations on the front cover of the 2007 law books. The department is also forwarding adhesive labels to license agents so that agents can place the same label on law books in their possession.

Among procedures that will be instituted for future law books include longer review times between drafts and printing, as well as more people reviewing law books before they are sent to print. The department will also utilize the same design software currently used by the printing company, in order to minimize errors due to conversion. Training for the new design software will begin next month. The Hunting and Trapping Law Book will be published this summer under the revised system.

In the county regulation sections, there was an omission. In Aroostook County on Long Lake, Mud Brook, a tributary of Long Lake, is open to smelt dipping this year. Last year, all tributaries of Long Lake in T17R3 were closed, but due to a legislative bill passed last April, Mud Brook is open to the dipping of smelts this year. This law will allow a person to take smelts by use of a dip net in Mud Brook, a tributary of Long Lake within T17R3 WELS. Under this law, a person may not exceed the daily bag limit of 2 quarts per person. Also, a person may not harvest smelts in Mud Brook for commercial purposes. This law will allow smelt dipping in the spring of 2007, 2008 and 2009.

In addition, under the General Law provisions under Lakes and Ponds, the minimum length limit on brook trout was omitted, affecting length limits statewide. Under General law, brook trout in lakes and ponds have a minimum length limit of 6. Also under the general law provisions in the Daily Bag and Possession Limit, the possession limit of 2 Togue (Lake Trout) was omitted.

Submitted by Mark Latti, DIFW

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