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Brownville, Milo, Orneville, Barnard, and Williamsburg Community Development

February 19, 2007 - TRC

Dear Resident:

The communities of Brownville, Milo, Orneville, Barnard, and Williamsburg are preparing to apply for a Community Development housing program grant. If we are successful, up to $250,000 will be available to this region for housing improvements. We are asking residents to complete this pre-application in order to get a better understanding of the types of needs facing residents and the scope of the interest in this grant program.

We will not know until early spring of this year if our application is successful, and will contact those residents who complete pre-applications if the money becomes available.

The types of improvements affected through a Community Development program include wells, septic systems, heating, roofing, siding, windows, doors or other health , safety, or energy efficiency related repairs.

Thank you for your help and interest in this program. Please call your Town Office or Community Development office if you have any questions.

Brownville 965-8639 * Milo 943-2202 * Community Development 1-800-648-8335

Name________________________________________ Telephone__________________
Street Address________________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address
(if different)______________________________________________________________

Do you or anyone in your family have a disability or handicap ? __________________

Is your property a house ?______ Mobile Home ?___________

Approximate age of dwelling____________________

What housing conditions do you feel need improvements ? _______________________


Is your septic system failing ? _____________________________________

Are any of the above concerns an immediate hazard to your health or safty ? ________

May we share information contained in your application with other funding agencies in an effort to provide housing assistance to you ?

Yes________________ No_______________

You may drop this pre-application off at your Town Office or mail to:

Community Development
31 Central Street, Suite 208
Bangor, Maine 0440

*Family Income Limits*

1 person $27,600 2 people $31,550
3-people $35,510, 4-people $39,450,
5-people $42,600, 6-people $45,750,
7-people $48,900, 8-people $52,050

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.