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Brownville / Greenville 100 Mile Wilderness Dog Sled Race

February 07, 2007 - TRC

After the disappointment of having to cancel the 100 Mile Wilderness Dog Sled Race in 2006, the snow and the cold we may not be fully enjoying yet seem to be part of the making for a great race in 2007 !

The approximately twenty five teams of dogs (8 - 12 dogs per team) and drivers are sure to be getting ready and getting excited about the race. Entries are finalized. A veterinarian examines every team Friday afternoon also. By the Drivers’ Meeting on the 9th the last minute details will have been worked through.

The race starts Saturday, February 10 at 9:00 a.m. EST. at the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Dept. on Village Street in Greenville. The teams leave at two minute intervals. The dogs and drivers may make it look easy but this is no race for the untested. One of the requirements is prior participation in a race of two days duration of no less than 30 miles of each day or a race of no less than 60 miles in one day. Every team is exercised and trained for weeks before the race season. Many are working out year round.

As the name says the 100-mile trail the race follows winds through the wilderness between Greenville and Brownville. It crosses hills, mountains, and ponds as it winds through the scenic forest between these “sister’’ towns. After the mandatory two hour layover and rest at Brownville Junction on Railroad Avenue teams may resume the race, returning to Greenville late Saturday and/or early Sunday by their headlights.

Brownville residents are making some special preparations as well. This year Brownville musher Terry Knowles will be racing. In 2005 he chose to groom the trail for the race following a heavy snowfall instead of taking his team into the race. Friends and neighbors will be watching for him and his Siberian husky team at the check point / layover in the Junction !

The young people of Jobs for Maine Graduates are holding a snow sculpture contest. The snow banks on Railroad Avenue will grow the entries that will remain and remind the community of this weekend’s winter fun event.

Dare I say “older folks” will be serving food and beverages at the BJHS Alumni Building ? Since they’ll likely be younger than me I think I can get away with it. In 2005 the homemade food was great and enjoyed by all ages. There were casseroles, soup, sandwiches and desserts.
Bring your appetites and feast !

Also in the BJHS Alumni building is the communication headquarters for the race. Penquis Amateur Radio Club will have members at checkpoints along the race trail and report the progress of racers as they pass as well as providing timely communication in the event of a problem for a team or driver.

At the rear of the BJHS Alumni building there will be a display of sled dog gear and a musher to share her knowledge and experiences. Since the actual racing animals cannot be petted as they rest for their return trip, this is an opportunity to learn more and pet a non-racing dog.

In 2005 at the American Legion Post there were hot dogs, hamburgers and other goodies for sale. No need to fix lunch today…seems everyone is willing to do it for you !

Across the street at Station Market, Chuck Pribus plans to be open at least until all the teams are safely past the halfway mark. Like all involved with the race he feels that it’s best to be ready should an unforeseen emergency arise out there on the race trail.

Andre Longchamps from Quebec was the first place winner in 2005. Who’s it going to be in 2007 !?!

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.