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A vision for the Moosehead Lake region

January 26, 2007 - TRC

On January 18, Plum Creek’s announced that they would revise their huge development proposal for the Moosehead Lake region. Plum Creek had proposed to develop 975 house lots and two resorts scattered in 58 subdivisions around seven lakes and ponds in the region.

Because of concerns about Plum Creek’s development proposal raised by Maine citizens, including many in the Moosehead Lake Region, last year the Natural Resources Council of Maine (NRCM) hired one of the state’s leading land use planning firms, Terrence DeWan & Associates, to create an alternative plan – A Vision for the Moosehead Lake Region. This publication, first released in spring 2006, is a useful reference for principles for development of the Moosehead Lake region in a way that will preserve what is special about the area.

Copies of this report are available for free from NRCM.

“We prepared this document for Plum Creek, residents of the Moosehead Lake area, and the people of Maine to consider, evaluate, discuss, and – we hope – implement as a way to ensure a vibrant future for the spectacularly beautiful Moosehead Lake Region,” said Cathy Johnson, NRCM North Woods Project Director. “As Plum Creek revises their plan, we hope they will go back and review this publication.”

The Alternative Vision proposes a broad conservation strategy that would protect the area’s most precious asset – its special natural areas – while planning for measured development in the form of 300-450 carefully located house lots in just five locations near Greenville and Rockwood, and a Maine Woods Lodge and recreation area that could serve as a hub for nature-based tourism.

“We believe that this Alternative Vision is consistent with the compelling testimonials of Maine people who have called for a better plan than what Plum Creek initially proposed,” said Johnson. “We worked hard to ensure that the Alternative fits well with LURC’s planning approach for Maine’s North Woods, and with the goals and aspirations of Greenville residents as captured in the town’s comprehensive plan. It was our goal to create a vision that could build community, conserve natural resources, and protect Maine’s heritage and the future of the Moosehead Lake Region.”

NRCM has opposed Plum Creek’s plan to build 975 house lots and two resorts, in 58 subdivisions, surrounding seven lakes and ponds in the beautiful Moosehead Lake Region. NRCM strongly believes that Plum Creek’s current proposal includes too much development and in the wrong locations and that a better plan could and should be developed for the region – one that locates development near existing towns and protects the area’s character and natural attractions.

NRCM believes the areas that Plum Creek has targeted for development that are in particular need of permanent protection include the shorelines and hillsides of Lily Bay peninsula, the remote northwest shore of Moosehead Lake; Indian, Prong and Upper Wilson Ponds; the quiet north shore of Long Pond; and the western side of Brassua Lake.

For a free copy of A Vision for the Moosehead Lake Region, order online at http://www.nrcm.org/publications.asp, send an email request to nrcm@nrcm.org or call 1-800-287-2345.

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