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Governor Baldacci Stresses Unity to Members of the 123rd Legislature

December 05, 2006 - TRC

AUGUSTA – Governor John E. Baldacci addressed incoming members of the 123rd Legislature Tuesday evening, calling for unity and asking them to work with him to make Maine the best it can be. The Governor addressed the group during the Pre-Legislative Conference Banquet at the Augusta Civic Center.

“We are all here for the same reason – because we love the State of Maine and want to work to make it the best Maine it can be,” said Governor Baldacci. “I feel the best thing that we can do right now, collectively, is to get excited about Maine.”

The Governor told the group - which included outgoing members of the 122nd Legislature - that Mainers have a lot to be proud of and that optimism and excitement can go a long way. He indicated that there must be a delicate balance between an optimistic outlook, and realizing that there is still work that needs to be done.

“We have more work to do to lower property taxes, we need to continue investing in higher education and R&D, and we need to continue our work on health care,” said Governor Baldacci. “With your help, we will make a lot of progress together in the next couple of years, but we must remain optimistic and keep in mind how great this state really is.”

Governor Baldacci has said that his first order of business during the upcoming session will be to work on property tax relief with LD 2. The bill would freeze property valuation for the purpose of taxation for permanent Maine residents. The Governor is scheduled to swear-in the incoming Legislature Wednesday morning at 10:30.

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