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Secretary of State and Veterans Services Team to Honor Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients

November 09, 2006 - TRC

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap and the Director of the Maine Bureau of Veterans Services, Lieutenant Colonel Peter Ogden, are asking the public to inform them of any existing memorials for Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

“The goal is to establish memorials for all of Maine’s Congressional Medal of Honor recipients in their hometowns,” said Dunlap. “First, we need an accurate record of what exists already. There is no central location for war memorial or veteran tribute information in Maine. In the course of achieving our goal, we can also assist Maine Veterans Services and citizens by cataloging monuments found across our state.”

Last month, Dunlap announced the formation of an exploratory committee that will determine the most efficient and helpful way that the Secretary of State’s office can aide schools or civic groups in establishing memorials for Congressional Medal of Honor recipients. The project would combine historic, educational and civic lessons while honoring veterans.

Lt Col Ogden, in his charge of providing Veterans Services for the State of Maine, is also a board member of the Maine Military Historical Society, which operates a museum at Camp Keyes in Augusta.

“One of our main missions is the education of Maine’s children in our military history,” said Ogden. “This project is a perfect match for us.”

The two ask anyone who knows of the location of memorials honoring Congressional Medal of Honor recipients to notify the Secretary of State’s Office by e-mail at sos.office@maine.gov or by calling 626-8407.

“We are starting by gathering this information,” said Ogden, “and hope to eventually create a website that would be a repository for public information on our war heroes, memorials, monuments and cemeteries. Many states and veterans societies have sites like this already and we would like to see one established in Maine.”

The Congressional Medal of Honor Exploratory Committee will hold its first meeting in Augusta later in the month. There are 74 recipients with a Maine town listed as their place of birth and 63 municipalities are represented among them.

The Maine Military Historical Society Museum is open by appointment. For more information, visit http://www.maine.gov/va/defense/museum or call 626-4338.

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