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Energy Star (Whole House) Residential Energy Efficiency Program

October 17, 2006 - TRC

Office of Energy Independence Launches Maine Home Performance with Energy Star (Whole House) Residential Energy Efficiency Program

WESTBROOK - Governor Baldacci’s Office of Energy Independence and Security officially launched the Maine Home Performance with Energy Star whole house efficiency program (Maine HP) today for York, Cumberland, Androscoggin and neighboring counties. Maine HP provides homeowners one stop shopping and access to certified contractors who will not only provide a state of the art energy audit, but also make the necessary recommended home improvements, and provide easy access to financing. These improvements can reduce energy bills by up to 50%, eliminate mold, solve moisture problems, and improve indoor air quality. Income eligible homeowners will be able to access the Maine Housing Authority’s 1% HELP loan. In many cases monthly energy savings will exceed the monthly cost of the improvements. Maine HP will also provide mentoring for contractors and third party inspections to ensure quality performance.

Maine HP is featured in a half-hour home makeover show produced by the new Portland CW, to be aired for the next couple of months on WPXT-TV. “Whole House” features a Windham family that won an energy audit and home improvements donated by a number of area businesses. The improvements are estimated to cut the family’s energy bills in half and vastly improve their home’s comfort.

“Maine has some of the oldest housing stock in the nation, heavy reliance on heating oil, and cold winters. High heating prices are really hurting many Maine people. Maine HP gives homeowners a very easy way to take control of their energy bills, and at the same time reduce Maine’s dependence on foreign oil and our greenhouse gas emissions,” said Beth Nagusky, Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security. “Our plan is to expand this program statewide as soon as possible,” said Nagusky.

At the press event, Maine HP demonstrated some of the advanced diagnostic techniques that will be used to solve the energy and performance problems of Maine’s homes. Members of the press can also sign up for an educational assessment of their own home or a home of their choice.
For more information about Maine Home Performance with Energy Star or to find a certified contractor, please visit www.mainehomeperformance.org or call 1-800-695-1484.

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