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Governor Baldacci Thanks Volunteers

October 03, 2006 - TRC

BANGOR — Governor John E. Baldacci opened the 20th Blaine House Conference on Volunteerism Tuesday morning by thanking the volunteers for their work and dedication.

“Volunteers, whether they are volunteering through formal service or informal neighborly kindness will all tell you they get back at least as much as they give,” said Governor Baldacci. “They get satisfaction from using and honing their skills; a sense of usefulness that they do meaningful work that would not be done if they were not around; and a sense of connection to local people that only comes from direct involvement.”

In the United States, 28% of citizens volunteer. In Maine, 64% of the population spend or give their time to great causes in their community.

“I find myself traveling throughout the state to speak at fundraisers for different organizations,” said the Governor. “Between all of the charity walks and races; bake sales; talent shows and bean – or spaghetti – suppers around this state, we have tens of thousands of volunteers who come through to support causes on a daily basis.”

The keynote speaker for the conference is Marsha Meeks Kelly who is from Mississippi and spoke to the group about the disaster relief efforts in the Gulf Coast Region.

“As tragic a time as last September was for the Gulf Region, it certainly taught us a very important lesson about volunteer efforts,” said Governor Baldacci. “We always need to be prepared.”

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