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Governor Celebrates New Minimum Wage Increase

October 02, 2006 - TRC

AUGUSTA – Governor John Baldacci on Saturday celebrated with Bangor-Brewer local legislators, workers’ advocates, and others marking the start of the new minimum wage increase in Maine, which took effect Sunday, October 1.

“This is the second minimum wage increase I have signed into law,” said the Governor. “This is important to me because Maine men and women should be able to earn a living wage so that they can support their families. There is no safety net better than a job with benefits and training.”

On October 1, the first of two steps to raise the minimum wage in Maine went into effect. The first phase has raised the minimum wage from $6.50 an hour to $6.75 an hour. The second phase, which takes place in October 2007, will raise the minimum wage to $7.00 an hour.

The Governor remarked that increasing opportunity for all Mainers to have a good paying job continues to be his number one priority.

“Together we are making progress toward the goal of increasing opportunity for all Maine people,” said Governor Baldacci at the rally in Brewer. “My Administration is committed through action to protecting jobs, increasing access to health care, and ensuring that down the line, our policies reward workers for their hard labor.”

Read Online: http://www.maine.gov/tools/whatsnew/index.php?id=24308&topic=Portal+News&v=article-2006

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