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Global Study Says Maine Brand Known World-Wide

September 20, 2006 - TRC

AUGUSTA - The Anholt State Brands Index (SBI), a survey of over 21,000 respondents in 16 countries, ranks Maine second only to Vermont in New England states for branding success.

"This just-released survey shows Maine's success in promoting our reputation and brand around the world," said Governor Baldacci. "This major international study supports the work we've done to move Maine into the global economy of the 21st Century. We have more to do, but we're on the right track."

Maine ranks 21st among the 50 states in successful branding of its products, environment, people and culture. Among the New England states, the survey ranks Vermont 14th, Connecticut 26th, Massachusetts 29th, New Hampshire 30th, and Rhode Island 35th. The survey places California first among the states in promotional success and New Jersey last.

The SBI is a new study conducted by Simon Anholt, a world-renowned expert in marketing. Mr. Anholt, a citizen of the United Kingdom, has been called by The Economist magazine "one of the world's leading consultants to corporations and governments who wish to build global brands." He's known for his previous work, the Anholt Nation Brands Index. The SBI brings his survey methodology, global data gathering, and marketing analysis to state brands.

The SBI asked those surveyed to respond to six areas that comprise a state's brand:

. Presence: How much is known of the state? Have people visited?

. People: Are the residents of a state friendly, hospitable? Would you fit in?

. Place: The physical aspects and natural environment.

. Prerequisites: Is the housing affordable? Are there good public amenities?

. Pulse: Is the state vibrant and are there things to do?

. Potential: How are the business and education opportunities in the state?

Some of the underlying data to the SBI rankings show these positives about Maine's place in the world. Respondents from countries that have a historical connection with Maine, and New England as a whole, give Maine a high ranking. Respondents from places that give them more of a personal familiarity with Maine also rank the state highly. Maine's reputation as a safe place wins it higher rankings.

"This objective survey confirms my experience as I travel around Maine. At one of our parks, a tourist couple told me they come here because of our people," the Governor said. "This study means we're succeeding in promoting Maine people, our natural resources, and Maine-made products and services. We must keep investing in both our people and our places for an economy that works with our great brand."

More information on the Anholt State Brand Index can be found at www.statebrandindex.com

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