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Speedway 95 Race Results

September 17, 2006 - TRC

Hermon - Fans were on the edge of their seats as the ultra tight points battles came to an end Saturday at Speedway 95 in Hermon, for Championship Saturday.

Coming into the championship race, in the Sportsman ProStock division, John Phippen, Jr. of Town Hill and Ryan Deane were tied in the point’s standings. Phippen took the win in the heat race, and earned a 4-point lead going into the feature race. Due to his second place finish in last weeks feature, Phippen started near the rear of the field, and Deane earned the pole for the feature. The championship was in Deane’s hands until the final laps in the caution free race, when Phippen pulled up into third, behind Deane. With the finish, Phippen earned the top spot in the standings and the Championship for the season, by just two points. Matt Eaton of Little Deer Isle earned the win. The second spot in the ProStock standings marks the fourth year in a row Deane has occupied that position.

The Limited Sportsman also went caution free, with Steuben’s Brenton Parritt taking a lead the full length of the straightaway from the second place car of Rowland Robinson, Sr. of Steuben. Robinson entered the feature race trailing Bangor’s Jason Witt’s by 6 points. Witts passed Mike Parritt of Steuben (Brenton Parritt’s older brother) in the closing laps to get the third place spot, and earn the 2006 championship by 4 points over Robinson.

John Kalel, II of Orrington entered the Super Street race with no clutch, and the lead in the standings. Despite a caution after 1 lap, Joe Legere of Milford grabbed the lead, and the earned the win. Randy Caler of Cherryfield finished the race second, and Kalel took third, and the championship for the season.

The Strictly Street division went caution free with Rowland Robinson, Jr. of Steuben taking the win, and finishing the 2006 season second in the standings. Sam Whitmore of Corrinna finished in the second spot, and Derek Pearson of Glenburn earned the third spot, and the 2006 championship. Pearson continued the family legacy in the Strictly Street division, as his younger brother, Jordan Pearson had earned the championship in 2005.

Eight points separated rookie Reggie Bickford of Oakland and Mike Hopkins of Hermon, at the start of the Sport Four feature race. Lewis Batchelder of Dixmont emerged as the winner of the race, with Hopkins behind him in second. Defending champion Justin Trombley of Winter Harbor finished third, and Bickford crossed the line for fourth. Bickford grabbed the points title by 4 points over Hopkins.

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Top 5 (Unofficial)


Rank Number Driver Town

1. 28x Matt Eaton Little Deer Isle

2. 54 Ryan Deane Winterport

3. 59 John Phippen, Jr. Town Hill

4. 0 Dale Swoboda Hermon

5. 19 Duane Seekins Stockton Springs

Limited Sportsman

Rank Number Driver Town

1. 27 Brenton Parritt Steuben

2. 28 Rowland Robinson, Sr. Steuben

3. 91 Jason Witts Bangor

4. 8 Mike Parritt Steuben

5. 9 Stephen Swanson Trenton

Super Street

Rank Number Driver Town

1. 8 Joe Legere Milford

2. 01 Randy Caler Cherryfield

3. 5 John Kalel, II Orrington

4. 80 Steve Moulton Glenburn

5. 24 Deane Smart Orrington

Strictly Street

Rank Number Driver Town

1. 28 Rowland Robinson, Jr. Steuben

2. 40 Sam Whitmore Corrinna

3. 29 Derek Pearson Glenburn

4. 9 Jim Carr, Jr. Clifton

5. 37 John McCullough Glenburn

Sport Four

Rank Number Driver Town

1. 23 Lewis Batchelder Dixmont

2. 50 Mike Hopkins Hermon

3. 34 Justin Trombley Winter Harbor

4. 10 Reggie Bickford Oakland

5. 15 Ernie Wallace, Jr. Winterport

“WACKY SUNDAY” will close the 2006 season on Sunday September 24th at 2pm. Come out to the track to join in the finale of their yearlong celebration of 40 years of racing at Speedway 95.

Submitted by : Bill DaButler

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