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Governor Baldacci Praises Medical Mobile Training Lab

September 05, 2006 - TRC

LEWISTON — Governor John E. Baldacci today toured the Mobile Training Lab that continues to make its way to every hospital in the state throughout the year as an educational tool for medical professionals.

“This mobile lab encourages a continuation of learning in some of the rural areas of our state where resources are not always readily available,” said Governor Baldacci. “It also allows providers who might encounter critically ill or injured patients only once or twice a year – to work these cases several times over, with focused and direct feedback.”

Governor Baldacci caught up with the Mobile Training Lab at Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston. The Governor emphasized the importance of education – during what is the first week of school for many throughout the state – for all ages, throughout life.

“When you’re making your way through life, you never stop being a student, because you never stop learning,” said the Governor. “When you get older, it’s more apparent that it’s up to you what you choose to learn.”

The Governor’s support of education has been a priority of his administration. Governor Baldacci has established the Maine Community College System; three major initiatives have been put in place to help students with the rising interest rates on Federal Student Loans; schools are receiving $180 million more in state funds for 2007 than they received in 2005; and starting teacher salaries have been raised for the first time in two decades in the State of Maine.

“It’s been important to me to give people easy access to education – we shouldn’t be making it difficult for people who want to better themselves through learning,” said Governor Baldacci. “That is why we have a mobile training unit visiting every hospital in the state to encourage education and make it available to those even in the most rural areas.”

The Mobile Training Lab contains a state of the art, high-fidelity mannequin called a Human Patient Simulator. The mannequin simulates complex medical and traumatic problems repeatedly, offering medical personnel the opportunity to test and practice their reactions and skills leading to a high degree of familiarity and confidence. Each hospital in the state will have the Mobile Training Lab at their facility for at least one week, with scenarios available for 15 to 18 providers per day. The Human Patient Simulator technology is generally only found in medical schools.

“I am very proud that my administration has had a part in bringing this training lab to Maine for all of our hospitals,” said Governor Baldacci. “Watching this education in action should make us all confident that the finest EMS system will be there when we call for help.”

The LifeFlight Foundation, in partnership with Maine EMS and the Department of Public Safety, and the Maine Health Access Foundation all had a hand in bringing the Mobile Training Lab to Maine.

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