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Grants Awarded to Preserve Significant Historical Collections Throughout Maine

August 30, 2006 - TRC

AUGUSTA,MAINE – Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap, Maine State Archivist Jim Henderson and Maine State Museum Director Joseph Phillips announced on Wednesday that facilities throughout Maine will benefit from grants awarded this summer to preserve significant historical collections.

Grants have been awarded to libraries, museums, historical societies and other facilities in more than 25 communities through a joint project of the Maine State Archives and the Maine State Museum. This project offers two applications to access funds from five different state and federal sources including the National Historical Publications and Records Commission and Maine’s New Century Community Program.

The primary purpose of this project is to preserve Maine’s significant historical collections--records, archives, artifacts, museum objects--and to make them available to the public. Funds are focused on Museum Facilities, Archives Facilities, Museum Collections, and Archives Collections, and support two types of preservation efforts. The first is designed to indirectly protect all collections at a particular location by improving the facility containing them. The second is intended to directly support the preservation of, and access to, specific historical records or museum object collections within a facility.

The attached list provides details about each grant. The last proposal deadline in 2006 is October 1st. Deadlines in 2007 will be February 1st, June 1st and October 1st. More information is available online at http://www.state.me.us/sos/arc/mhrab/grant.html , and by calling the Maine State Archives at (207) 287-5788 or the Maine State Museum at (207) 287-2301.

Facilities Grants Awarded

Alexander-Crawford Historical Society - $11,500 - The Alexander-Crawford Historical Society is partnering with the Towns of Alexander and Crawford to build an archival quality storage facility for the three collections, improving both preservation and access.

Border Historical Society -$3,000 - The Border Historical Society will repair their collections storage building in Eastport.

Boothbay Region Historical Society - $825 - The Boothbay Region Historical Society will purchase new fireproof file cabinets.

Belfast Historical Society - $5,000 - The Belfast Historical Society will complete Phase II of their renovation project, the Stabilization of the Barn.

Bradford Town Office - $9,486 - The Bradford Town Office was awarded the grant for a new archival fireproof vault. The award was higher than the usual maximum amount in recognition of an excellent partnership with the Bradford Historical Society. Both partners will store their collections in the new building.

Town of Cumberland - $5,000 - The Town of Cumberland will improve their archival collection storage facility.

Christ Church Episcopal - $746 - Christ Church Episcopal in Gardiner will purchase shelving for their archival storage room.

Downeast Salmon Federation - $5,000 - In a unique effort to preserve the history and tell the story of salmon fishing in Maine, the Downeast Salmon Federation in Columbia Falls was awarded this grant to help with the cost of an archival vault in the building they are renovating.

Dyer Library - $2,500 - The Dyer Library in Saco will improve environmental conditions in their storage facility.

Fifth Maine Regiment Museum - $950 - The Fifth Maine Regiment Museum on Peak’s Island will improve humidity control in their collection storage facility.

Freeport Historical Society - $5,000 - The Freeport Historical Society will purchase a new furnace to heat their building in the winter and save on oil costs.

General Henry Knox Museum - $1,915 - The General Henry Knox Museum in Thomaston will purchase of archival shelving for their Textiles and Oversized Documents collections.

Georgetown Historical Society - $5,000 - The Georgetown Historical Society was awarded the grant to help with the cost of constructing an Archives Room for the new building.

Harrison Historical Society - $5,000 - The Harrison Historical Society will repair the roof of their collections storage building.

L.C. Bates Museum - $1,736 - The L.C. Bates Museum in Hinckley will purchase shades to reduce damaging light levels in their museum.

Lubec Historical Society - $1,550 - The Lubec Historical Society will repair the foundation of their building.

Moosehead Historical Society - $1,900 - The sun porch of the Evelen-Crafts-Sheridan House in Greenville, owned and operated by the Moosehead Historical Society will be restored.

Otisfield Historical Society - $2,500 - The Otisfield Historical Society will be conducting an Engineering and Restoration Evaluation of their National Register building, the Old Town House.

Penobscot Marine Museum - $5,000 - The Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport will use their grant award to help fund the preservation of their Old Town Hall Exhibit Building.

Ruggles House Society - $312.50 - The Ruggles House Society in Cherryfield was awarded the grant to help fund the purchase of new archival file cabinets and shelving.

South Portland Historical Society - $135 - The South Portland Historical Society will be buying a dehumidifier to improve their storage conditions.

Stetson Historical Society - $3,990 - The Stetson Historical Society grant will help fund the renovations and repairs of their museum.

Tides Institute and Museum of Art - $5,000 - The Collection Storage Building of the Tides Institute and Museum of Art in Eastport will get a new roof partially funded by their grant award.

Historical Records Grants Awarded

Blue Hill Historical Society received $1,970.00 to arrange, describe, and create a finding aid for a core collection of the Society's holdings.

Border Historical Society in Eastport received $500.00 for an archival consultant and archival supplies.

Brooklin Keeping Society received $651.19 to conserve a collection of photos, diaries, letters, etc. of the James Flye family and to make the collection accessible for public use.

Downeast Salmon Federation in Columbia Falls received $500.00 for an archival consultant to make recommendations for its records documenting the history of the Atlantic Salmon and salmon fishing.

Eastport Public Library Association/Peavey Memorial Library received $500.00 for an archival consultant and archival supplies.

Harmony Historical Society received $1,188.00 to create copy negatives and properly house 255 photos, mostly of Harmony High School activities, from 1910 to 1969.

Kennebec Historical Society in Augusta received $1,395.50 to catalogue and rehouse a backlog of significant manuscript materials.

Livermore-Livermore Falls Historical Society received $650.60 to conserve and organize the 1821-1970 records of Tenney’s Store and Post Office.

South Portland Historical Society received $257.50 to create copy negatives of the most important images from a collection of nitrate negatives.

Washington County Courthouse Archives Preservation Committee in Machias received $1,931.00 to continuing processing and rehousing archival collections at the courthouse.

Contact: Doug Dunbar, 207-626-8404

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