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August 14, 2006 - TRC

Sahara Matt and his faithful camel.


The Milo Free Public Library Staff has just learned that some of the Bendable Figures given out during the summer reading program MAY CONTAIN LEAD.
Highsmith is recalling them. If possible, please return them to the library.
For more info, see the article at the end of Judy's library column on page 7.

MSAD#41 - First Day of School Elementary and Penquis Valley students start school on two different days this school year.

*Monday, August 28th First Student Day for Kindergarten through Grade 6 *Tuesday, August 29th First Student Day for Grades 7-12

New Student Enrollment
New student enrollment is done at the Central Office (Superintendent's Office) for all the MSAD#41 schools. MSAD#41 serves students living in Milo, Atkinson, Brownville, LaGrange, Ebeemee, Lake View, Medford, Orneville, and Williamsburg. The Central Office is located at 37 West Main Street, Milo. Telephone-943-7317.


Friday, August 18th
10:00a - 2:00p Children's Quilt Show, Brownville Community Church
10:00a - 3:00p Historical Society Open
10:00a - 3:00p Pleasant River Walk Scavenger Hunt (Transportation provided !)
12:00p Pie Baking Contest, Brownville Community Church Pavilion
-Contact us to enter !! Apple, Blueberry, & Lemon Pies !
1st AND 2nd Place Prizes !
l:00p - 4:00p Children's Fair, American Legion Hall
4:30p - 6:00p BBQ Supper, Legion Hall
6:00p Children's Parade, North Street to Legion Hall
7:00p - 9:00p Karaoke Night, Big Pine Amphitheater*

Saturday, August 19th
6:30a - 8:30a Breakfast, Brownville Community Church, $3.50 / person
10:00a Vendors Open on Railroad Avenue
10:00a - 2:00p Quilt Show at the Methodist Church, Railroad Ave.
10:00a PARADE begins at Webber Jones Airport
Legion presentation immediately following the parade.
10:00a - 2:00p Mystery Cruise - You must participate in the parade to qualify for the cruise. Prizes awarded at 2:30p at the Community Church Pavilion.
10:00a - 3:00p Historical Society Open
10:00a - 3:00p Creative Flair Show, BJHS Alumni Hall
LUNCH Please take a break and enjoy lunch at one of our local establishments.
12:00p - 3:00p ATV Poker Run

The Junction General is Home to Maine's Largest Outdoor Music Park and Campground ! The Junction is located just three miles from beautiful and historic Katahdin Iron Works which makes it the perfect stop for hikers, hunters, fishermen, and snowmobilers.

7:00p - 10:00p Greased Lightning Broadway Show - Big Pine Amphitheaters -Admission is $10, no alcohol allowed. Sponsored by The Junction General Store

Sunday, August 20th
9:00a - 4:00p Adult Co-ed Softball Tournament, Davis Field
First six teams to sign up play.
Sponsored by Brownville Rec. & Brownville Days Committee. $100 per team entrance fee. Snack Shack will be open! Call Dean Bellatty at 207.965.8419 or Kathy White at 207.965.2561 for more info.
10:00a - 3:00p Historical Society Open
ll:00a Rubber Duck Race, Pleasant River-Ducks are placed in the river at the Green Bridge, and race down to the bridge in Brownville Village.


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REGULAR HOURS: 10am - 2pm Wednesday and Saturday



On Saturday, August 26, 2006 9 am to 1 pm, The American Legion Auxiliary and our Auxiliary Juniors are holding a Yard Sale at our Post in Brownville Junction. All proceeds will go towards activities for our local area Veterans.
Thank You for your Support !
For further information please call the Post at 965-1953 or Cathy at 965-7888.

To the Editor:
Monday, August 7, 2006, 6:11 pm [EST] From: William C. Crockett (wcrockett@gardner-ma.oov)
My name is William C. Crockett. I am a Police Officer in Gardner, Massachusetts. Recently, I have started doing some searching into my grandfather's past. My father recently died and never had any contact with his father (my grandfather). While looking into records, I have learned my great grandfather was from Brownville Maine. His name was Henry C. Crockett and his wife was Mary Crockett. Records show he was an artesian well driller.

The reason I am contacting you is due to the fact I did a search on Brownville, Maine. I then did a search on the Three Rivers News and found an article from April 23, 2002. The article is in Traditions of Milo by Kathy Witham. She talks about her great great grandmother Clara Crockett Hoyt Hobbs and how she died while walking to a pot luck supper. I have searched Census records and found my great grandfather Henry and his wife moved to Westford, Mass, sometime around the turn of the century. In the census, Henry's daughters and son are listed along with three other people, John and Mary Hoyt, age 23, and Violet Hoyt age 3. My guess is these three people have to be related to Clara. I am guessing maybe after Clara died, Henry (maybe her brother) took her son and daughter-in law and their daughter violet in and cared for them. I am hoping you can get in touch with Kathy Witham and relay this information. I would like to be able to get in touch with her and maybe we can both help each other out in filling in some missing pieces of our past.

My Email address is wcrockett@qardner-ma.gov. My work phone is 978-632-5600 x!49. Thank you in advance.

Ps...if I put together a story about my great grandfather and his relatives would you put it in the paper to see if anyone there knows about him. ??

Editor's Note: I can't wait to see how this plays out....I hope some readers out there can supply Mr. Crockett with some information !



When Three River News was started, a little over five years ago, its purpose was to foster a sense of community and encourage people to find and report on the good, positive aspects of our lives together, recognizing that we need each other for mutual encouragement as we encounter the many problems life brings us.
The people of this town are givers, eagerly helping those who are ill or bereaved or otherwise going through a difficult time. We fill jars with money for people in need, we cook food for folks who have lost loved ones, we contribute to food pantries, we help PAWS, we send cards and make phone calls, and help in any way we can to make lives better. Volunteering to make the town better and to improve lives is a way of life here. This is who we are.

We had a wonderful parade a couple of weeks ago to celebrate and give our thanks to the Milo Fire Department for their dedication to our safety and for their prompt responses to fires and other emergencies. They have saved lives and homes, placing our safety before their own, even giving their lives to protect us. We are eternally grateful to them for the way they care for us. It was a colorful and happy parade with many floats. It was especially moving to see the number of fire departments represented, and realize what they also mean to their towns. As I drove along hauling one of the floats, the smiles of the people watching said a great deal about what they were feeling. I'm sure the Milo firefighters and the fireflghters of the other departments were very happy to see those smiles.
The parade itself was the tribute. Whether or not mention was made in the newspapers is immaterial. We do not live and do for others for the recognition it may bring us, for recognition is a shallow motive for doing anything. When we do something for others, whether it is a parade or a casserole, knowing that we have helped someone is all the reward we need.

We can live together happily in this wonderful town only as we continue to dedicate ourselves to others who need us, always looking to congratulate folks on their accomplishments, rather than criticize them for their shortcomings. There is good in everyone and we need to look for that, rather than look for the mistakes and errors of judgment that we all make. Joy comes from seeing the good in people.
May peace and love and the happiness that comes from kindness and love and unselfishly giving ourselves to others be with us always.

Ed Treworgy


As you have read, Kathy's column caused a bit of a stir here in the Three Rivers area, more so in Milo than others. I guess it may be time to rethink what can and can not be put in the paper. Although Kathy's article was a negative opinion, I have a real hard time telling folks that I won't print what they feel. I know the paper is supposed to present our area in a positive light. I also feel it is the responsibility of any serious publication to present its readers or contributors as intelligent and diverse people. I actually enjoyed the debate the article caused, and while I can see both sides, I understand Edwin's points. The newspaper ultimately belongs to Kiwanis. The disclaimer in the Statement of Policy says the opinions aren't those of the editors; perhaps the statement needs to read: This newsletter is sponsored, published and supervised by the Three Rivers Kiwanis Club of Milo and Brownville. The opinions are those of the submitters and not of the club ?

I don't really think of this paper as "Kiwanis"', but rather as "Our Community's". I think there must be a viable compromise and I will be eager to hear what our readers and club members think about "Their paper".

Valerie Robertson


Back to School Celebration

BAN6OR - A Back to School Celebration is being held on Saturday, August 19, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Brewer Auditorium, State Street, Brewer, Maine. This free-to-all celebration features fun activities, useful information and lots of giveaways, drawings and refreshments.

The event will feature a bounce house, face painting, bean bag toss, cupcake walk, refreshments, child car seat installation and a roll over crash simulator, fire safety,
MaineCare and child care information, nutrition education, fire safety, dental and health education. Participating organizations include Penquis Community Action Program, Sam's Club, Bangor Interpreting Services, Toys R US, Brewer Fire and Police Departments, Bangor Public Library, Penobscot Job Corps Center, Maine Immunization Program, Challenger Learning Center of Maine, Sarelick Farms, Maine Coast Emergency Services, Penobscot Community Health Center, Maine Discovery Museum, Abnaki Sirl Scouts, United Way of Eastern Maine, Beal College, Manna Inc. and Starbucks Coffee Company. The Back to School Celebration is supported by OfficeMax, Montes International Catering, Office Depot, Brewer Auditorium, Gazebo Sports and Sifts, Portia's, The Natural Living Center, Rebecca's Sift Shop, Kid Kutters, Jason's Pizza, Bangor Mall Cinemas, Shaw's, Coach House Restaurant, George Weston Bakeries, Mr. Paperback, Kmart, Taco Bell/KFC, Subway Brewer/Holden, The Avon Store-Airport Mall, The Ground Round, CVS, Applebee's, Bangor Daily News and Burger King.

The Back to School Celebration is presented by the Covering Kids and Families Campaign of Penquis Community Action Program. The Covering Kids and Families Campaign is a nationwide initiative granted by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to promote and assist individuals and families eligible for the MaineCare benefit. For more information, call Maria Staples at 973-3586.



Dear everyone.

I'm back from my 3-week vacation in eastern-Mali and I had a great time. I traveled with my friends Brett and Melissa to Sevare, Dogon country, and Timbuktu. I've attached a few photos from the trip. We backpacked up and down huge cliffs with waterfalls, rode camels in the Sahara, and spent the nights underneath the stars....it was fantastic. While we were on our camel ride, I got to call my parents on my cell phone. Hi Matt! How are you? - Oh, I'm good... I'm riding on a camel in the Sahara desert, just outside of Timbuktu. You know, the usual chitchat.

All is going pretty well here...it was nice to get away from the heat of Kayes for a few weeks, but being away from village for any period of time makes me feel guilty for not being there. I only have about 7 weeks left in village before I make my final trip back to Bamako for my flight home. Two years nearly in the books...incredible.

In 3 weeks, the new volunteers are having their site visit, which means that my replacement will be visiting her new village with my assistance. I haven't met her yet, but I did get the chance to talk to her director...she sounds like she'll be a good volunteer. As I'm writing this email, I realize that 'my village' will soon become 'her village' and 'my old village'.... That makes me sad. I hope that she loves it as much as I do.

As difficult as it is going to be to leave my village, I feel very ready to leave Mali and get back to what makes sense to me in the states - friends and family. There are so many ways that I've changed in the past two years that has resulted from third-world realities slapping me in the face. The change hasn't come all at once either...mostly during the past 4 months or so I think. I try to keep my emails as positive as possible, but I've had to deal with a lot of eye-opening experiences that I hope most people wouldn't...and I'll leave it at that. The heat has also taken its toll on me physically and emotionally...this is a very difficult place to live for everyone - Malians and westerners alike. Fortunately, I have the option to leave and go wherever I want, which isn't a choice for 95% of Malians.

I've been reading about the 'sweltering heat wave' that has hit the U.S. Ah, global warming is just a myth, right ???? Maybe $3/gallon gas prices will force people into conserving more and consuming less. Gasoline in Mali right now is 650F / liter, which is about $4.75/gallon.... It's getting out of control.

Alright, I suppose that's all for now. Take care, stay cool, and 6od Speed.

Peace and Love, Matt


By Chris Cowing

The Milo Recreation Department's Youth Summer Soccer Camp for grades 3-5 and 6-8, led by Coach Chris Cowing, wrapped up two weeks of fun on Thursday. Participants mastered soccer skills, learned lessons in teamwork, and had an opportunity to have a great time with friends. The participants all received a camp T-shirt and earned great prizes.

Highlights of the camp included Dave Rolfe watching on as his grandson, 6th grader Austin Fogg, won the sharp shooting contest winning a pair of Adidas Predator shin guards. Isaiah Bess, a skilled 5th grader, beat out a talented Lucas Grinnell to win an Adidas Backpack during another shooting contest. Exciting moments to watch included the wins of 3rd grader Noah Allen, 3rd grader Randall Hathorn, 8th grader Caroline Bess, 8th grader Taylor Delano, and 6th grader Sreg Hathorn who each took home top prizes during competitions. Jessie Preble dazzled campers all week and took home a new soccer ball after winning a footwork skills contest. An awesome test of endurance and balance saw winners Jonah Johnson and Alison Durant win prizes after standing over 8 minutes atop of soccer balls. All around camper awards went to Alissa Gray and Alex Drummond, both 8th graders, who demonstrated outstanding leadership during camp. Many skilled soccer players participated in the camp, watch upcoming school teams for players such as Jason Durant, Austin Fogg, George Cowing, Lucas Grinnell, Theresa Karpowicz, Mindy Corson, Lauryn Bellatty, and many others.A special thanks to all who participated and made this such a fun camp !



Dear Citizens of Milo:

One of the frustrations we experience as Selectmen is the lack of venues through which information can be shared with citizens regarding town affairs. Our bi-monthly public meetings are our main venue, but, with busy schedules, those are hard for constituents to attend. In the absence of accurate information, it is easy for rumors, misunderstanding, and innuendo to rule the day. The purpose of this letter is to update you as to the work of your town government.

Let me say from the start that our primary focus has been to keep taxes down while maintaining a progressive attitude towards Milo's future well being. In fact, although we received an increase of half a mil from the school side of the budget this year, we were able to keep taxes flat. In our deliberations, we have stayed focused on serving several constituencies that are vital to the future of our town. Those include our natural environmental resources, the need to strengthen our school and civic organizations, the unique demands on our business community, and the needs of our taxpayers, especially those living on a fixed income. In conjunction with these, we are constantly looking for ways to broaden Milo's tax base.

Please allow me to touch on several issues which we have been working on the past few months.

The Police Force
With the hiring of new police Chief Mike Poulin, we are in the process of putting the finishing touches on our police force. Chief Poulin brings a new perspective and energy to our town. He was unanimously recommended by the Police Committee, a group of dedicated citizens who screen, interview, and recommend police candidates to the Board of Selectmen. We thank the members for their hard work. During this process it became evident that we would have to pay a little more than we had expected to accomplish our task because, as with many things, we fall under the dictates of the marketplace. We are excited about what the Milo Police Department will look like three to six months from now. We are confident you will be pleased with the results.

The Recreation Department
An interview committee of eight selected John Pokrywka as Milo's new Recreation Director following an extensive search for Murrel Harris' replacement. John started his duties in late June and has been formulating plans for expanding the offerings during the upcoming school year. Our ideas for the Recreation Dept. go beyond soccer, T-ball, and basketball to include, among others, Arts and Crafts, outdoor adventure programs, after school activities for youngsters, programs for the elderly, weight reduction programs for adolescents, and increased utilization of our natural resources. John has formed a Recreational Committee to advise and assist him, as they work to bring these programs to fruition.

Milo has not had property re-evaluated since 1988 and as we all know prices have soared, particularly the last five years. By state law, if our valuations fall below 70% of the market value, we have to re-evaluate. While this will be expensive, it should pay for itself as many of our 1600 pieces of property will be adjusted upward. Currently our mil rate is set at 27.25 per thousand. If a property valued at, let's say $50,000 is reassessed to $120,000, that doesn't necessarily mean a huge jump in taxes. The mil rate will be adjusted downward, perhaps to 13 mils which would indicate a slight increase, but one that would more fairly reflect market values. This re-evaluation is not only mandated by law, but the State withholds school funding if towns are out of line with State guidelines. Moreover, newly built homes and recently purchased homes are paying a disproportionately large share of the tax burden. Fairness and accuracy are our motivating factors. We are just beginning the process and will keep citizens informed as we move forward.

H.A.D. 4
We recently entertained several representatives from Mayo Regional Hospital to discuss the possibility of Milo joining the hospital district. We recognize the need to have public discussions on this and expect to move towards that dialogue this Fall.

The Industrial Park
During discussions with our neighbors in Brownville, it became obvious that the efficient and expedient administration of the Industrial Park would best be served under the direction of one entity. We came to this conclusion in part because of the need to extend the sewer line from where it now stops at C & J's, to the site of the park. The cost of this venture is estimated at $1.6 million dollars and is needed to accommodate not only industrial tenants in the park, but also those properties, including JSI, who now use their own septic systems. Both towns realize any new jobs created by our efforts will benefit the entire area and Brownville is comfortable stepping aside while avoiding any financial commitments. Both towns will continue to work cooperatively on grants and other economic development opportunities. We wish our sister town well and stand ready to help them in any future endeavor.

Milo's Comprehensive Plan
By State Law no community can enact and enforce ordinances without having a Comprehensive Plan approved by the State of Maine. Thanks to a committed group of volunteers, our plan is ready to be submitted for State review and approval. Once this is done, we can begin to look closely at issues like zoning, review of town ordinances, and protection of property rights.

Elm Street
We have made progress in getting DOT to commit to start the long awaited Elm Street renovation next spring. This project has been on the schedule since 1997 and has been continually deferred for a variety of reasons. We need to stay vigilant as Milo has a $600,000 federal grant/loan for the construction of the sewer line that is under a 2007 deadline. More information will be forthcoming.

Channel Three
We will soon have Channel 3 up and running. This is our public access channel and will serve as a community bulletin board of sorts. Once this channel is up and running it will be necessary for those who have cable TV to re-program their televisions to pick up this new station. We will notify the public with an announcement at the appropriate time.

In closing, we'd like to thank all those who have dedicated time and energy this past year to improve the quality of our community. Please feel free to attend Selectmen's meetings to ask questions or simply to stay informed.

Tony Hamlin
Chairman, Milo Selectmen

Editors Note: What a wonderful, informative column. Thank you so much. We look forward to watching our all of these wonderful aspects of our town grow and prosper. Keep us updated !!

Rec. Dept. Week in Review

Milo Rec Scrappers
There are four participants in the Scrapbooking class offered by Sheilah Bissell (943-5072) at the Town Hall. Caitlyn Durant, Kendra Herbest, Jade Zelkan, and Stephanie Vachon are learning the art by attending the short but thorough session. Some of the topics covered are types of albums, care of photos, cropping photos, choosing decorations, and the importance of journaling. Anyone interested in joining in future arts and crafts classes through the Recreation Department can call 943-7326.

Bairs Driving School
Sign-up for Bair's Driving School has been started and will begin in September or early October. Participants are required to be 15 years old at the start of the class. Call 943-7326 to register or for more information Outdoor Club
Anyone interested in participating in an outdoor activity group beginning this fall in encouraged to call the Recreation Department at 943-7326.



Penquis CAP is offering FREE breast health education and screenings for women in Piscataquis County. These services, funded by a grant from the Maine Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, are available primarily to women 28 to 64 years of age whose household income is up to 300% of the federal poverty level.

The objective is to increase access to breast cancer screenings by enrolling eligible women in the Maine Breast and Cervical Health Program and providing screening services to women who have limited income, are uninsured or underinsured, and are ineligible for other assistance programs. Penquis CAP is also offering educational activities to increase awareness of breast health and the importance of family history in determining breast cancer risk.

"We are very grateful for the grant received from the Maine Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.," said Cheri Snow, Deputy Department Director for Family Enrichment Services at Penquis CAP. "It enables us to remove the financial barriers to these necessary screenings so that women have the best chance of identifying and surviving breast cancer." For more information on breast health, breast cancer and availability of screenings, contact Isabelle Warren at 564-2847 or Maria Staples at 973-3586.


Cassidy and David Ricker

Cassidy Jo and David Lawrence Ricker were married during a sunset ceremony on Wednesday, the third day of May Two thousand and six. Pine Island Beach
Weeki Wachee, Florida

The Bride is the daughter of Sue Maynard ofPoway, CA and Marvin TarBox of Hancock Maine. The groom is the son of Lynn and Rob Ricker of Milo. Cassidy 's mother, Sue Maynard was matron of Honor. David's father, Rob Ricker was best man.

Cassidy is a 1999 graduate of Presque Isle High School and Pierre's School of Cosmetology. She is employed by Scissor Excitement of Bangor and Hampden. David is a 1999 graduate of Penquis Valley High School and EMCC's heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration program. He is employed as an HVAC technician by New England Trane.

The couple resides in Bangor.

A reception will be held in late August at the lakeside cottage of Lynn and Rob Ricker to celebrate the marriage.


Milo Free Public Library News
By Judith Macdougall

Our 21st summer reading program-Paws, Claws, Scales and Tales-All About Pets -2006 is now in the past. The 8 weeks of the program seemed to fly, but the young members enjoyed reading or listening to books, picking up fun pages and interesting incentives every week. There were 47 children signed up and they read 1331 books in the 8 weeks. The program was especially fun as it was all about pets, and children really enjoy being around pets and caring for them (at least in the beginning).

We do not give prizes for the most books read as the library staff feels the reading contract is a personal project based on age, commitment and time available. However, the child who read the most was Morgana Vick who read 69 books. Morgana will be in first grade in the fall. The children who listened to the most books were Diana (4) and Rebekah (2) Demers who listened to 206 books this summer.

Joyce Hogan, who does all the Friday night food drawings, drew the names for the winners of the 5 mascots. Goldie, the golden retriever, went home with Bailey Weston. Sandie, the cocker spaniel, found a new home with Frank Worster. Katie the Kitten will be curling up with Triston Green. Benny Bunny was glad to be chosen by Haley Morel, and Froggy hopped away with Kineo Wallace.

The poster contest winners were:

PRE-K 1. Bailey Weston
2. Morgana Vick
3. Megan Valvo

GRADES 1-3 1. Jessie Cassell
2. Aaron Goodine
3. Linsley Karpowicz
Hon. Mention. Justin Valvo
GRADES 4-6 1. Ashley Goodine
2. Austin Fogg
3. Kendra Herbest
Hon. Mention. Theresa Karpowicz

The theme for the posters was to draw a favorite pet or animal from literature. Many of the posters were very creative. The judges for the poster contest were Merna Dunham, Allen Monroe and Gayle Shirley. The winners all received books as prizes.

This summer the library was lucky to have a young volunteer help throughout the summer reading program. Brittany Armour came into the library every day it was open for an hour or two to help by watering plants, working with the children in various ways and once even acting as assistant librarian. To thank her the library staff presented her with a Thank-you tote bag and a library volunteer pin. Thanks again, Brittany. You are a big help.

Our library is also lucky to have a California friend, Esperanza Crackel. For the last three years she has remembered our library at summer reading program time. This year she sent several boxes of books-juvenile and young adult. She also sent us a generous check to purchase prizes for the SRP members. Pam and I decided on trendy red silicone bracelets and fancy zipper pulls for each child. Both items state READ, BELIEVE ACHIEVE AT THE LIBRARY. As you can imagine the children were very pleased and had big grins for the picture that was taken of the group to thank their California Friend.

Refreshments were served and each child left with a reading certificate and a balloon along with prizes and giveaways. Trustees and friends who helped at the party were Joanne DeWitt, Michael Flanagan, Joyce Hogan, Melanie Hussey, Shirlene Ladd, Walter Macdougall and library staff, Pamela Flanagan and Judith Macdougall.

The children who signed up for the program were: Catherine Maxcy Julian Maxcy, Rebecca Maxcy, Rachel McMannus, Haley Morel, Mackenzie Morel, Brooke Morrill, Jessie Moulton, Matthew Murphy, Sonny Natolino, Austin Rancourt, Camryn Rolfe, Adam Stetson, Kortnie Stone, Justin Valvo, Megan Valvo, Morgana Vick , Kineo Wallace, Telos Wallace, Dillon Walters, Bailey Weston, Cody Wenzel, Morgan Wenzel, Jessie Cassell, Chip Crowell, Diana Rose Demers, Rebekah Demers, Karen Desmond, Michael Doucette, Allison Durant, Victor Eastman, Kyle Estes, Austin Fogg, Caitlyn Gerrish, Aaron Goodine, Ashley Goodine, Triston Green, Kendra Herbest, Eli Hill, Noah Hill, Linsley Karpowicz, Theresa Karpowicz, Colby Koelsch, Shelby Lancour, Brodie Lumbra, Jillian Lumbra, Frank Worster.

The reader for the last Wednesday of the program was Neil Hamlin, who read to 11 children. He said they seemed to enjoy Alice the Fairy by David Shannon the best. Alice is just a temporary fairy (which means she has a lot to learn) but with her good imagination and a wand she has fun with so-called magic.

The library received some disturbing news today. Some of the bendable figures given out during the program may contain lead. Highsmith is recalling them. If it is possible, please bring them back to the library.

Library Summer Hours : Mon.-Weds.-Fri. 2:00-8:00 Telephone 943-2612

Libraries recall prizes given to children
By Jason George Tribune staff reporter
Published August 11, 2006, 8:23 PM CDT

Some children who were awarded prizes by area libraries this summer for exceptional reading have a new text to master: A recall notice.

Wisconsin-based Highsmith Co. sold the approximately 4-inch-long, Chinese-manufactured toys this summer nationwide to libraries, which used them as prizes and incentives to encourage reading. Recalls have been issued across the U.S.
Amy Malysa, manager of the Alsip-Merrionette library's youth services department, said in a news release that most of the toys distributed at that library were given out the week of June 26 to July 1.

The Indiana Department of Health, which found the toys' accent paint to be between 0.4 and 0.24 percent lead, announced the toxicity last week. A test by Highsmith then found that levels were at least 0.277 percent, said Matt Mulder, director of Highsmith Publications.

The maximum safety limit is 0.06 percent, according to several state health agencies. Exposure to lead, especially in children, can cause nervous system damage, hearing loss, delayed development and kidney damage.

"The shape and size of these toys may tempt children to put them in their mouths and suck or chew on the toys," Loren Robertson, assistant commissioner of the Indiana Health Department, said in a release. "If children have these toys, it's important that parents return them to their local library for safe disposal. Also, consider consulting with your health care provider for lead screening."

Mulder said anyone who received the toys should take them back to the library where they received them.



The answer is somewhere in this issue.

"The minstrel show, put on by the "Penquis Valley Minstrels" last Friday and Saturday, has received a great deal of acclaim by the two "full-house" audiences. Local musicians, specialty acts and amateur actors provided laughter and entertainment on a scale which should have been (but certainly wasn't) beyond their capacity for such short rehearsal time.

The "Penquis Valley Minstrels 1972" were; Mr. Interlocutor, Bill Hogan; Walley, Carl Hamlin; Julie B, JoAnn Moores; Sylvester, Walter Oakes; Henrietta, Ellen DeWitt; Sandy, Calvin Andres, Pearline, Violet Grant.

The pit band was composed of Richard Sawyer, Marguerite Sassaman, Bob Jones, Carl D. Sassaman and Cecil Miller.

Specialty acts were performed by Vicki Howard, Si Mooers, Elizabeth Smith, Bill Hogan, Walter Oakes, Phil Gerow, Ralph Perry, Florence Rhoda, Cyril Comeau, Malcolm Buchanan and Ellen DeWitt.

Group acts included a chorus and "The Dionettes".
(Reprinted from the March 23, 1972 The Town Crier.)



The young fellow who ran past me, saying hello, as I left work on Monday, August 7th, was on a mission. He wanted our little blue wheelbarrow with red stars.

Evidently, he wanted it so much that he took it ! Perhaps he thought it was already paid for and was sent in to pick it up. A complete misunderstanding...or not ? The Milo police are looking into this rather curious matter.

August seems such a pleasant month. Bright and cooler days have brought many (honest) people into our shops. Only a few more weeks until summer visitors return home. We at the Curiosity Shops are planning events for fall and winter.

Back-to-school sales are first on our list. Teachers, students from kindergarten to university and home-schoolers are invited to visit us to look over the variety of useful and interesting books that are available for the upcoming school year. We also have backpacks and clothes for school or work.

Our hours will be changing as of September 4th. We will be open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and closed on Mondays.

We are located at 5 Elm Street in Milo, across from the United Kingfield Bank.

Editors Note: I'm not surprised the little fellow wanted the wheelbarrow; I am that he just took it !! Hopefully that will get resolved...but I must say, as I walk by the creative and alluring display in front of your store I am tempted to buy some of the wonderful "gently used" Fisher-Price items you have. What a wonderful chance to act upon the "They don't make them like they used to !" theory. The toys are so sturdy and colorful and all they are lacking is a child's imagination !! Val


15-Cold and cloudy
16-Mostly cloudy rained some-60 at 1.
17&18-Sunny hot & windy.



A son, Steven Wayne Benson III, to Charlie Johnston and Steven Benson Jr. of Milo on August 03, 2006. Wt. 8 pounds 6 ounces.




ATKINSON - Carl 0. Dow, 61, passed away peacefully in the early morning of Aug. 8, 2006, in his sleep.

He was born Jan. 28, 1945, in Dover-Foxcroft, the son of Clyde 0. and Alice (Green) Dow.

A graduate of Foxcroft Academy, Carl had worked for the Maine Department of Transportation for 30 years. During that time he also served as deputy sheriff for Piscataquis County Sheriffs Department and as an officer for the Dover-Foxcroft Police Department.

He also had served as fire chief for the Town of Atkinson. After retiring from the Maine Department of Transportation, Carl ran an auto repair shop at home, worked at the Big Apple and at many construction companies. He had been active for many years in town government, serving as first selectman.
He was predeceased by his father, Clyde 0. Dow; and his mother, Alice Green Dow Carter.

He is survived by a son, Carl 0. Dow II and friend, Becca Noonan, of Atkinson; a daughter, Lisa Maloon of Corinna; grandchildren, Jade Dow, Guy and Megan Maloon, and America Noonan; brothers and sisters, Mary and Edward Hall, Helen Brawn, Margaret and Merle Shorey, Donald and Lois Dow, Linda and Michael Conley, Dianna and Roger Packard, Christina and Alvin McAllister, Roberta and David Decker, Kenny Dow and friend, Nora Parker, all ranging from Atkinson to Abbot.

He is also survived by a special aunt and uncle, Ralph and Lillian Mayo of Dover-Foxcroft; many nieces, nephews and cousins.

He will be remembered by his special female companion, Elise Roberts and her granddaughter, whom he called "Junk Yard."


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