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Brownville - Route 11 Railroad Crossing Repair

April 23, 2013 - BROWNVILLE - By Matthew S. Pineo

Map of Brownville Route 11 Railroad Crossing Repair
The Railroad crossing on Route 11 is in the planning stage of being replaced at the end of summer. The MDOT is currently designing the plans for utilities and for the rail crossing. Route 11 is a Federal Highway and requires design approval. Also, due to its location with drainage, the rail crossing and being a Federal Highway, proper design specs must be completed and followed with multiple agencies.
The Town of Brownville realizes that the track is rough, but unfortunately we do not have the ability to make it move any faster than it is at this time. I have made contact with MDOT this morning and a maintenance crew will be out to try to make the roadway better.
Please be patient as we work together to get this project completed by the end of summer.
Respectfully, Matthew S. Pineo

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