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December 07, 2012 - TRC - By Rochelle Williams


We have all of the old and new Christmas Fiction books by various authors out on our table for everyone’s easy access. A very nice variety if I do say so myself.

Our “Newly Donated Book” shelves have grown even more.  The shelves are full and have become a very popular section with a nice variety for everyone’s reading pleasure.

Thank you again to everyone who has donated and shared their books with our other readers.

The library will be getting a new color printer hopefully within the next 2 weeks.  We shall see if it will have copying and scanning capabilities as well.  It will be a nice Christmas surprise when we find out.  It will be available for the staff and patrons who need color in their lives!!

We are also focusing on better organization of the Children’s Fiction area which is being worked upon by one of our new Substitute Librarians.  We are in the process of throwing ideas around to keep it organized for the patrons and the librarians.

NOW – for the New Books that have arrived!!


Clive & Dirk Cussler             Poseidon’s Arrow

Barbara Kingsolver               Flight Behavior

Stephen King                       The Talisman

Margaret Maron                   The Buzzard Table, No 18

Margaret Truman                  Experiment in Murder

Thomas Kindade                  A Season of Angels

Michael Connelly                 The Black Box

Janet Evanovich                   Notorious Nineteen, No. 19

Kaya McLaren                     How I Came To Sparkle Again

Colleen McCullough             The Prodigal Son

Don Perkins                        The Barns of Maine

Gregory D. Johnsen             The Last Refuge

J.K. Rowling                        The Casual Vacancy (author of Harry Potter series)

Vince Flynn                         The Last Man

James Patterson                  Merry Christmas, Alex Cross

David Baldacci                     The Forgotten

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