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November 29, 2012 - MILO - By David Maynard

Engineer Enclave in Milo on 11-28-2012.
Wednesday morning, November 28th, a rare gathering of engineers from all of the utility companies, MDOT, Milo's design engineer CES, Inc, along with Timmy Gormley from the Milo Water District and Milo Town Manager David Maynard, gathered at the intersection of Elm and Main Streets to resolve the last of the challenges delaying final design of the improvement project for this intersection. With these challenges resolved, it now appears that the long awaited corrections to this intersection will actually go to construction in 2013 with the rest of the Main Street Project. A copy of the design concept plan is provided to give the public an opportunity to see what is proposed to be done. The sidewalk and curb on the corner where the Laundromat was removed will be pulled back an additional approximately four feet. On the Bank side, the stone wall will be removed, the stones cleaned, additional similar stone acquired and then the wall will be put back on a curve similar to the new alignment on the other side. These changes will allow for any size tractor trailer or log truck to pass through this intersection without the need to cross over the center lines into oncoming traffic. A letter of commitment for this addition to the project has been received from Richard Crawford, Chief Engineer for MDOT. A second meeting of the appropriate members of this group took place at the Milo Business Park (EPIP) shortly thereafter to address the design needs for the provision of utilities from Park Street into a proposed building site, including service capacities and sizing, for possible construction in 2013. The meeting also looked at available service capacity in the offsite utility lines, facilities, and substations for the needs for future growth and development in this area of the Town of Milo.
Also see preliminary sketch of Main and Elm Street intersection here: http://news.trcmaine.org/news.php?num=1900

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