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Black Friday Shopping Safety tips

November 23, 2012 - MILO - By Milo Police Department

Good evening, Milo.
For those of you crazy, I mean deal seeking, people heading out to do the Black Friday thing, I offer these tips for your safety and security:
- Park your car in a well lit area - and remember where you parked - Leave your purse home. Carry your wallet and keys in your front pocket or in your coat pocket.
- Do not flash your cash - keep it close when you count it.
- If you need to bring things out to your car and return shopping, consider moving your car. Thieves will be watching and will wait for you to go back into the store before they hit your car.
- Do not leave valuables in plain sight - lock them in the trunk.
- Do not have tunnel vision- keep your eyes moving - scanning your surroundings. If your gut says something is wrong, there is probably something wrong.
- When you go to your car, have your keys out. If you have a remote, hold it in your hand. Use the panic button to set off your horn if something happens.
- Leave your kids home.
- Finally, if someone wants to rob you of your things, let them. Do not risk injury or your life over materialistic things. Your family would rather you be home for the holidays.
Please have a safe night of shopping and enjoy the holiday weekend

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.