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New online network to feature Maine’s digital talent

November 13, 2012 - TRC

New Entertainment Network in Maine

The Entertainment Experiment, the producers of the award-winning web series Ragged Isle, announced Saturday they will be launching a website to support Maine’s online storytellers on November 19th.

The Entertainment Experiment Network hopes to be the ultimate destination for fans of Maine online artists. It will serve as a community where these digital artists will not only share their work with a global audience but also collaborate with each other.
“We have such a great pool of talent here in Maine,” says Amie Marzen, the Entertainment Experiment’s Director of Marketing. “Our hope is that the online network will help not only with exposure, but that the artists will also be able to combine resources. Most of these projects are very grassroots, often funded out of pocket. Being able to combine strengths is crucial to our collective success.”

The website, located at www.entertainmentexperiment.com  will primarily feature the growing genre of web series, which is a condensed television show produced exclusively for an online audience, as well as other digital artistry, including podcasts, web comics, short films, and online video games. These offerings all have one thing in common in that they are produced independently in Maine by Mainers.

The tagline for the network is “It feels like home”, which is exactly the Maine-centered mentality behind the online network. “We really want to stay true to our roots and help one another," says the Entertainment Experiment’s programming director, Barry Dodd. “We’re all very proud to live in Maine and want to help support more creativity in our state. I want the world to know about the talent we have here and I want that talent to have access to the largest global audience our network can attract.”

Kicking off the network are new Maine web series Haunt ME, The Food Coma Show and No Refund for Content. They’ll join Maine favorites Ragged Isle, Vacationlanders, and The Cleansed. The Entertainment Experiment Network will be searching for new and exciting web talent from all corners of Maine.

“With the network in place, we’re hoping to inspire a new crop of local creators in the making. Pulling from the success of our established shows, we want to create a welcoming environment for all those who have an interesting story to tell,” says Dodd.
The website will also feature behind the scenes content, merchandise, and ways to help support each series.

“We’re so thrilled to be launching the network and can’t wait to get it going,” says Marzen. “It’s been a longtime dream of ours and we have a great team on board. We have some big plans to further help Maine’s artists develop and promote their work, right now the sky’s the limit.”

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