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Milo Elementary School's Terrific Kids !

September 22, 2012 - TRC

Milo Elementary School

Terrific Kids for September 21 !

 ~ Mrs. Carey – It's been a busy but happy week in our kindergarten room this week. And it really makes us happy to tell you about a little girl who is kind, helpful, cooperative, and ready to learn! She is fun to work and play with because she is independent and very creative. We are very thankful to have Lark in our kindergarten family.

 ~ Mrs. Walker – We are so pleased to announce that our TK this week is a Terrific Boy!!!! He comes into the room each morning with a smile and is learning what to do for daily routines, ordering his lunch and learning new songs. Wyatt is polite and is always listening to the daily stories and observing what is going on during morning calendar. He loves recess time and playing on the new playground. Congratulations Wyatt!!!!!

 ~ Mrs. Hayes – Great improvement from the first week of school. Destiny is trying very hard to do neat and careful work. She is listening during group time and she is working at her table without disturbing others. We are very proud of Destiny.

 ~ Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid this week is a little boy who has had a very exciting start to his year. He has a new baby sister and a broken arm. Even though the arm is his writing arm, he still takes his time in writing and tells me he LOVES first grade. His nanny and gramps are very proud of him. I am so glad that Ashton is our newest terrific kid. Uncle Ian would be proud!

 ~ Mrs. Hussey – This week's Terrific Kid is new to our school. He's quickly learned our routines, his schedule and made friends. He's a hard worker and eager to learn. Tristan tries his best on all tasks and always works quietly. We're happy to have him in our class! Congratulations Tristan.

 ~ Mrs. Mower - Our TK is Ida-Grace. She is a very kind and hardworking student. She always puts forth her best effort, even when she comes to something tricky. I knew that I was going to choose Ida-Grace because of her kind words. An example would be when one day after lunch I was sitting at my desk feeling tired and down in the dumps. Everyone had just come in from lunch and I remember looking up and finding Ida-Grace standing next to my desk. With a big smile on her face she said to me “How was your lunch?” This question made me smile, and made my day a little brighter. Ida’s friends would agree in saying that she is our TK of the week. Liam says that Ida-Grace always helps him pick up his crayons when he spills them. Jessica says that she is a great role model because she works so hard. Our friend Katelyn even said that she hopes that Ida-Grace never moves or goes to another classroom, because she would miss her too much. Ida-Grace is a great friend and we love having her in our classroom!

 ~ Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a girl who already showing the traits of a third grader. She asks for help when needed, she is kind and cooperative in class, and her assignments are done on time. She has adjusted well to being on the other end of the building. We are happy to have Elizabeth as our Terrific Kid.

 ~ Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a hard working young man. He is polite, helpful, and a great friend to his classmates. He enjoys reading a good book and does a great job in math class. I think he is excited to have a new sister soon. I am sure he will be a great big brother. Congratulations to Chris.

 ~ Mrs. Woodard – Our terrific kid this week is Joslyn. Joslyn is new to Milo Elementary and has settled in to our routines nicely. She is a responsible student and always tried her best on her class work. She is respectful of her teachers and her classmates. She always returns her homework and has her planner signed. Congratulations Joslyn!

 ~ Mrs. McMahon – Mrs. McMahon’s Terrific Kid could be Terrific Kid any week of the year. Ainsley has already shown that she is a responsible fourth grader by having her planner signed and homework completed every day.

She is a wonderful classroom helper, always willing to help any student or help Mrs. McMahon with any task. And she is very eager to learn all the new information to be learned in fourth grade!! Congratulations to Ainsley and keep up the great work!!

 ~ Mrs. Knowlton – The terrific kid in 5K was selected by the students in the class this week. (Because there are too many terrific kids for Mrs. Knowlton to choose just one!) This girl was selected because she is the most THOUGHTFUL student in our class. She puts a lot of thought into all of her schoolwork and she puts a lot of thought into the way that she treats everyone around her. She is a delightful girl, and it is no surprise that she was selected to be on the Civil Rights team. I am sure that we will also be seeing her in the band this year. Congratulations to respectful, responsible, hard-working, thoughtful Libby!!

 ~ Mrs. Gillis:

This boy likes nature and science and bugs,

Spiders and snails and snakes and slugs,

And we like him 'cause he's kind and trustin',

Our Terrific Kid is our good friend Justin!

Congratulations, Justin Goodine!

 ~ Mrs. Clukey – This week's terrific from 6C is a wonderful student who came to Milo Elementary from LaGrange. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get her assignments done. Both Mrs. Russell and Mrs. DW are impressed with her work ethic. She is involved in band, civil rights, outing club, and the soccer team and still manages to get all her work done. Ms. K was correct when she told us we would love having Kylee as a student. We do so much we named her this week's terrific kid from 6C.

 ~ Ms. Dixon-Wallace – The Terrific Kid in DW 6 this week in a student who has really turned things around this week. This student started out the year struggling a bit to complete his work and to get into the swing of things in sixth grade. This week has been a different story. He has worked hard on making sure he has everything he needs for all of his classes. He also did a great job on both his math and reading NWEAs. I am very proud of all is hard work and I am pleased to announce that Tyler is this week's Terrific Kid in DW6.

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