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Invitation to Participate ! LaGrange Fire Department Fire Muster Events/Rules

July 11, 2012 - TRC

It is not to late to join us in our Muster !

If you have a team that would like to participate let me know. Joe 852-7282, Jen 852-8236, home 943-2402

Bucket Brigade: All members line up from dump tank to barrel. Member at the dump tank will fill bucket and hand to the next member who will pass it down to the member at the barrel. The member at the barrel will dump the bucket and then run back to the dump tank, fill the bucket and pass to the next member. The member who dumps the bucket goes to fill it up. The barrel has to be overfilled to stop time.

PPE needed: bunker pants, boots, and helmet

Obstacle course: All team members start at start line. 1st stage goes to nozzle, open the nozzle knocking over the target. Judge will tell members to pull mask down the members will then crawl through the maze following the hose. Once all members have reached the end of the hose the judge will tell members to unmask, the members will then grab the victim and take to the finish line.

Penalty: adding ten seconds if members unmask before all team members have crossed the line and if all team members do not grab the victim.

PPE Needed: bunker pants, bunker coat, helmet, gloves, and hoods

Roll, Pump & Squirt:

Part 1: Team member #1 neatly rolls a 50-foot length of 1 ¾ inch hose

Part 2: Upon completion of the hose roll, team member #1 then assists team member #2 in donning a stainless steel Indian Pump containing 1 gallon of water. After donning the Indian Pump, both team members will advance 40 feet to a designated line and will proceed to knock down 3 targets with the pump spray.

Part 3: Once members 1, 2 get all 3 targets knocked over, members 3, 4 can start to unravel the hose, start the pump, and charge the line.

Part 4: All four members get to the nozzle, open nozzle and knock over the target.

Penalty: adding 5 seconds to time if all members are not on the hose line before nozzle is opened or if at any time members leave for stations early.

PPE needed: bunker coat, bunker pants, boots helmet, and gloves

One of the Mystery events will be drawn from a hat on the day of the events...

Midnight Run:

Part 1: All members will be in civilian clothes lying in the cots

Part 2: Bell rings all members will get out of bed put on boots and bunker pants. They will then go to the second station putting on bunker coat, helmet, and gloves.

Part 3: Once dressed then proceed to the finish line. Time stops when all members cross the finish line.

Penalty: Adding 5 seconds if members do not have all gear on and zipped and buttoned or Velcro.

PPE needed: Bunker coat, pants, boots, gloves, and helmet


Make Connection/Run:

Part 1: hook to portable pump with 2 ½ inch hose then reduce to 1 ½ inch and connect hose, connect nozzle then charge line and knock over target.

Penalty: Adding 5 seconds if any of the connections are spraying water.

PPE needed: Bunker pants, boots, gloves, and helmet


Stretcher Relay:

Part 1: All members with stretcher at start line.

Part 2: Go to the victim and place the victim on the stretcher

Part 3: Go thru the obstacle course with stretcher and victim. Time stops when all members have brought the stretcher with the victim across the finish line.

Penalty: Add 10 seconds if the victim hits the ground exception will be the arms.

PPE needed: bunker pants, boots, gloves, and helmets

All the times of each event will be added up and the fastest time will be 1st place. Judges word is final.

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