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Cement slab in downtown Milo removed

May 29, 2012 - TRC

Upstream end of island downtown out from under the concrete.
Earl Gerrish and Sons, Inc. uncovered the concrete encased portion of the upstream end of the island in downtown Milo today. Railroad rails and huge I-beams had held the floor up. The section under the floor at one time housed pipe and metal cutting tools of Billing's Hardware, later Kinney's Hardware. All the concrete and steel was no match for the voracious backhoe and skillful operator. Hand signals from the other member of the Gerrish team guided some of the trickier parts of the work.

Ridgewood Partners of Maine, owners of the property and the nearby hydro-electric generating facility, has granted permission for this project which was one of several potential projects for Milo Downtown Revitalization discussed by Milo citizens almost five years ago. Sheila Grant facilitated the meetings and by November of 2007 some short and long term goals had been set. This was to have been a short term goal, but the fire that destroyed a large part of downtown delayed action on the project.

A "pocket park" is planned for the future of the space and will be a welcome change to downtown Milo.

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