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Three Face Felony Charges for Copper Theft from Bangor Hydro Electric Company

March 28, 2012 - TRC - By Susan Faloon

BANGOR, Maine — Two individuals and a scrap metal business owner have been indicted by the Penobscot County Grand Jury for alleged copper theft from Bangor Hydro Electric Company. One suspect is a former employee of Bangor Hydro. The two individuals are charged with felony theft and the scrap metal business owner is charged with felony receiving stolen property. This indictment is the result of an ongoing investigation by the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Department with cooperation from Bangor Hydro.

The total cost of the theft to Bangor Hydro is $35,000. The suspects could face fines of up to $5,000 each and jail time of up to five years. Bangor Hydro will also be seeking restitution.

“Copper theft is something we take very seriously,” said John Greaves, Bangor Hydro Safety Superintendent. “In this case, the wire was taken from inventory and was not in use at the time, but copper theft from the electrical system can place the thieves, customers and employees at risk of injury.”

Because of these safety issues and the costs that are ultimately borne by customers, it is particularly important to Bangor Hydro to deter all copper theft, including by pursuing prosecution to the full extent of the law. Bangor Hydro has also worked with law enforcement and the legislature in support of LD 1708, which would place greater restrictions on the sale of scrap metal in Maine.

In an effort to reduce copper theft, anyone who has knowledge of copper theft from Bangor Hydro or who witnesses any suspicious activity at a substation or other Bangor Hydro property is asked to contact local law enforcement to investigate.

Bangor Hydro Electric Company is an electric utility wholly-owned by Emera Inc. Bangor Hydro serves 117,000 customers in an area encompassing 5,275 square miles in eastern and east coastal Maine. Bangor Hydro is a member of the New England Power Pool and is interconnected with other New England utilities to the south and with the New Brunswick Power Corp. to the north. Visit us at www.bangorhydro.com .

Emera Inc. is a growing energy and services company with $6.8 billion in assets and revenues of $1.6 billion. The company invests in electricity generation, transmission and distribution as well as gas transmission and utility energy services. Emera's strategy is focused on the transformation of the electricity industry to cleaner generation and the delivery of that clean energy to market. Emera operates throughout northeastern North America, in three Caribbean countries and in California. More than 80 per cent of the company's earnings come from regulated investments. To learn more about Emera, visit their website

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