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Joyce Perry announces campaign for State senate seat, district 27

May 19, 2006 - TRC

Dover-Foxcroft, Maine – “Today I am announcing my candidacy for the State Senate seat being vacated by the honorable Senator, Paul Davis. “Mr. Davis has been an important figure in the State Republican Party and the Senate over the last several years and I have appreciated his advice and encouragement throughout this campaign.”

As a life long resident and second term town selectmen, I understand first hand the needs as well as the desires of everyday citizens throughout the District. My family and I have been privileged to share in the benefits of living and working in Central Maine and because I come from a traditional working class family, we have also experienced and worked through the hardships and uncertain futures that most central Maine citizens experience at some point in their lives.

The voters of District 27 needs to elect trustworthy individuals who will be faithful to all the people who get up every morning trying to do all the right things in life. You want representatives in Augusta that will not compromise on traditional family values such as the sanctity of marriage and who will protect the rights of private property owners against unscrupulous eminent domain claims. You want a candidate who will not compromise or negotiate away our American way of life. Most of all, you need to elect someone who will not turn their back on the citizens who elected them, but will actually get involved in local issues when it becomes necessary.

Out of control taxation continues to be at the root of most of Maine’s difficulties. State governments “buy now, pay later” mentality is destroying the economic prospects for the next generation of Mainers. Current legislators have been unable or unwilling to seriously address the problem. As the chairperson of Taxpayer Bill of Rights, “TABOR” in Piscataquis County, I am honored to associate myself with such a worthwhile citizen effort. TABOR will be the jumpstart Maine needs to break the tax deadlock in Augusta.

Like most of you, I too am deeply disappointed with the lack of progress and vision from Governor Baldacci and the current Democrat Majority. Under their leadership, Maine’s need for public assistance has increased every year as more and more jobs leave Maine for other fiscally responsible states. One in four Maine citizens are now receiving some form of financial assistance. Today, the Governor measures his success by the number of assistance programs our citizens are eligible for. We need to be emphasizing that every additional need for assistance is the result of failed policies and lost jobs by the current majority in Augusta.

We must stop the reckless attacks on our senior citizens retirement security and fixed pensions. Current tax policy is quickly outpacing cost of living adjustments making it more difficult than ever for respectable citizens to make ends meet. You and I must have the courage to say, “Enough is enough”. It is time to take Maine government back from the lawyers, the lobbyists and liberal special interests and return it to its rightful owners, the good people of Maine.

If given the honor to represent district 27 in Augusta, I will do my very best to represent you with integrity, honesty and a sense of purpose. With your support and your vote, I can move our goals forward in Augusta and intend to focus my efforts on growing our party not only in District 27, but also throughout Maine. I look forward to traveling the district over the next year; to listen to the voters' thoughts and to express my ideas to make our small corner of our world a little bit better, and a whole lot brighter.”

Joyce Perry lives in Dover-Foxcroft with her husband of 25 years. Together they have 3 children and one grandchild who remain in the area.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.