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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 2/3

February 06, 2012 - MILO - By Andrea Mills

Mrs. Carey – Our Terrific Kid this week stays happy and cheerful day after day. He greets us all in the morning with a smile and leaves our class at the end of the day with a warm hug and good-bye. He understands the meaning of The Golden Rule and tries very hard to always treat other people respectfully. He is definitely "one terrific kid" and we are thankful to have Jayden in our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – Our TK girl this week is a joy to announce again. She is quite a nice friend to sit beside of each day and is always very quick to help and share her snacks from home. She even knows what President's face is on the QUARTER.... Can you guess it is Qq week in KINDERGARTEN..... She would like to be a queen for a day!!!!! Congratulations to our newest TK Brandy.

Mrs. Hayes – We have two students with wonderful improvement - One is a girl and one is a boy

Our boy is working hard in all of our school subjects. Our girl is working hard in all of our school subjects.
Our boy is very neat and our girl is trying to be neater.
Our girl likes to play with friends and our boy really likes to play with friends.
Our boy is working hard at reading and our girl is a great little reader.
Both of these students are friendly young children.
Both Jessica and Brady are improved students and we are proud of their hard work!

Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid this week is a helpful little boy. He has a great big smile. He follows the golden rule and tries his hardest in all his work. He is a special friend to Syreniti. Congratulations to our friend, Joshua - the newest T.K. in first grade.

Mrs. Hussey –This week's terrific kid is Sabastian! Sabastian comes in each morning with a smile and gets his morning jobs done. He willingly tries tasks in the room and is very cooperative. He enjoys story time and sharing with his classmates. Congratulations Sabastian!

Mrs. Redmond - My Terrific Kid this week is a great helper. She always gets prizes and Caught Being Good certificates because of her good behavior. She works hard at all tasks and is a wonderful friend. Congratulations to Orianna!!

Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a girl with an outgoing, friendly personality. She has a great sense of humor and she is well-liked by her peers. She is making great academic progress. Her cursive handwriting has really improved. As we begin that slow, downhill slope toward year's end, I can see Brianna is already showing the traits of becoming a wonderful fourth grader.

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a hard working young lady. She has done a better job this week staying focused and getting her work done on time. I love the turn around in her. She has made gains in her reading and is actively participating in math class. She has a great sense of humor and is a wonderful friend to her classmates. It is great to have Caitlin in our class.

Mrs. Woodard – The classmates in Mrs. Woodard's class chose a special friend for terrific kid this week.
Loyal friend
Awesome student
Never forgets homework
Includes everyone as a friend
Our terrific kid this week is Lani.

Mrs. McMahon – Nathaniel is Mrs. McMahon's Terrific Kid this week. Nate has been showing nice improvements in his schoolwork. He is putting extra effort into his writing, and is very close to mastering his multiplication facts. Mrs. McMahon has also heard from his fellow basketball players that Nate is a very valuable member of the Celtics team. Keep up the great work, Nate!!

Mrs. Knowlton – The TK in 5K has waited a LOOOOONG time for his turn! He is having a very good year. His behavior has been really terrific and he is working hard to meet his goals of keeping track of his work and getting it all passed in. This boy has a delightful laugh and a wonderful sense of humor. He is curious and creative and always has a lot to add to our classroom discussions -- congratulations, Dakota!

Mrs. Clukey – This week's terrific kid from 6C has been really working hard, staying focused on the task at hand. He doesn't buy into any negative behaviors that the other students might be showing. As decided it is time to be making positive choices. Mrs. DW and I are really pleased with the improvements he has made over the last few weeks. Congratulations to Robert for being this week's TK.

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – The Terrific Kid in DW 6 this week is a student who has really stepped up this year in all of their classes. This student is very active in all class discussions and eager to share is insights and opinions. This student has even found that reading can be an enjoyable activity and has devoured the Percy Jackson series! Mrs. Clukey and I are happy to say that Davis is this week's Terrific Kid in DW 6.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.