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Three Rivers Kiwanis - Meeting Minutes

November 02, 2011 - MILO - By Pauline Mullins, Secretary

Three Rivers Kiwanis, Milo-Brownville
November 2, 2011
Regular Morning Meeting

The meeting at the Milo Town Hall was called to order by our President Jan Barton at 6:30AM and was attended by fourteen members. We had interclubs from Dover-Foxcroft (4) and
Key Club (2)

Eben led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and George offered the Morning Prayer.

Nine happy/sad dollars were collected..

Birthdays/Anniversaries: Jeff Gahagan Birthday 11/3

Upcoming Dates: ; November 11, Annual Veterans Dinner, November 18-19-20 – Fall Kiwanis Training Conference November 30 Meeting at 6pm town hall:

Key Club– Thursday's at 10:48 AM - .Please feel free to attend these meetings

Builder'sClub- Monday's at 11:55am in Room 21. Please Feel free to attend these meetings They have app. 17 members. .They also have volunteered to work at the Veterans Dinner.

Terrific Kids : .Again Feel free to attend
Milo Elementary Fridays At 8:30am
Brownville Everother Friday at 1:15 pm.
LaGrange First And Third Fridays At10:50am
Lois and Nancy are working on Veterans dinner. Nancy enlisted helpers for the day before to help with peeling we will meet at the town hall at 5:30 on Nov.10th. To day Nancy stated things were under control. Frank stated Place mats were being made.

Bonnie is working on Secret Santa program. . APPLICATION are at the Schools.

Make sure Jim Macomber gets information needed for publication and pictures are always good.

Communications We recieved a Thank you card from the Milo Recreation Department Thanking us for our donation for helping them to build a new snack shack with Handi-capped bathrooms and some upgrades to the Tennis Court and new Dug outs .

Speakers for Nov.;
Mark Awalt JSI Manager
Jeff Gahagan Milo Town Manager
Key Club upcoming projects are:
Blood Drive
Clothing drive Nov.5
Austin Bell benefit dinner in Brownville
And a Unicef Drive Inculding the Builders Club
Tee -shirts are going on sale and she is taking orders.

We will have a special Board meeting Nov 3 @ 6am to discuss Jeffs budget and Three Rivers News.

Our Guest speaker was Matthew Pineo Town Manager for Brownville He commented at first about the different ages in our club and how nice it was to see us all working together.He talked about different projects he was working on that could benefit Milo & Brownville .He very excited about recycling and spoke about Zero-sort a new form of recycling devised by Casslla and the ways it was good for both towns by lowering the cost of trash removal.
. He spoke about company"s he contacted in California who seem to have an interest in our area.
He has contacted Chimbro about our rail service to be used for shipping their products.
He is also interested in Solar And Water energy
He really wants our towns to work together for a better economy and better lives for our towns people.
He welcomes new ideas and visions for making our community a better place to live.
His comment was " I do not do things the way it used to be done"

Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 AM.
Respectfully submitted, Pauline Mullins, Secretary

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.