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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 11/4

November 04, 2011 - MILO - By Andrea Mills

Mrs. Carey – Our Terrific Kid this week is a little guy who has been trying very hard to earn this honor. He is helpful to his friends and teachers and always uses encouraging words to make others feel better. He has discovered how much fun it is to read the books in his Browsing Box and is on his way to becoming a real reader! We are thankful to have Jayden S in our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – WE are pleased to honor this boy this week. HE has been trying very hard to be our TK since school started. He is the first to arrive and does his morning jobs quickly. He is very good doing mental math problems and adding on in his head when counting numbers. This boy is becoming a reader too. His brother must be a good role model for him at home. Congrats to Jacob H.

Mrs. Hayes – A - is for a very hard worker
B - is for a bright young girl
B - is for a bubbly personality
Y - is for a young but special young lady

She is kind to her friends, works hard at her reading and writing and math, and she is respectful to her teachers. We are proud to have Abby H in our classroom.

Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid this week is a great little boy. Although he is new to our school he has fit right in. He has made a lot of new friends and loves to work with a partner. He has a nice smile and a great attitude. We are glad that Wyatt F. moved to Milo!

Mrs. Hussey –This week's terrific kid is friendly, cooperative, and seems to love living in Maine. Justice B. moved from Florida and just can't wait to experience a Maine winter! He's a good reader and math student. He's also working hard to improve the neatness of his written work and write longer stories. Justice has made lots of new friends and we're glad to have him in our classroom!

Mrs. Redmond - This boy works hard, finishes work and is always neat with his work. He demonstrates how to be an active listener daily and is working on his math facts. He loves to draw and does great pictures. Great job, Trevor H!

Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a boy who has a smile on his face all day long. He's an enthusiastic learner who actively participates in all group activities. He is very alert in class. He is quick to pick out mistakes, especially mine. His is making great progress in his cursive handwriting. He is a kind and caring friend to all his classmates. We enjoy having Izaak K in our class.

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a new friend in our room. He certainly has become a wonderful member of our class. He is working hard on his reading and his math skills are starting to shine. He returns his homework each day and tries hard on everything asked of him. We all look forward to seeing Ethan J. each day. Congratulations.

Mrs. Woodard – Our terrific kid this week is Wyatt Y. Wyatt has been working hard for all of his teachers and has been getting his work done. He has followed the Core Values by respecting his teachers and classmates and doing his best. He has earned Super Kid awards to take home every day this week. Congratulations Wyatt, you are a terrific kid.

Mrs. McMahon – The Terrific Kid in Mrs. McMahon's class this week is Justin G. Justin is a wonderful student, participating in class discussions and working very hard to complete all his work. He is very creative and uses materials he finds around the room to make unique creations! Congratulations to Justin G!

Mrs. Knowlton – The TK in 5K this week is another wonderful student who could earn this honor every week! She is responsible for her planner and her work, she goes the extra mile to get help when she needs it. She is a new clarinet player and she loves to be involved in drama -- not the bad kind, but she is involved in Center Theatre's production of "A Christmas Carol." But the best thing about our TK is her wonderful smile! No matter what she has a smile on her face that lights up the room! Congratulations to the TK in 5K -- Megan R!

Mrs. Gillis – She brings in her Box Tops For Education,
Her planner she remembers without hesitation,
She enjoyed the Fall Frolic and the hayride too,
Her participation in school activities is really cool!
Congratulations to Emily M!

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – The Terrific kid in DW 6 this week is a very quiet, polite and dedicated student. She may be a quiet in our large class in group discussions but she is very active in her small group math and science groups. She is a member of both band and Civil Rights and has made many new friends at MES this year. Congratulations Emma N you are the latest TK in DW6!

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