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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 10/21

October 21, 2011 - MILO - By Andrea Mills

Mrs. Carey – We are very excited to tell you about our Terrific Kid this week. He is making wonderful progress with his letter and number work and is learning to cooperate better with his friends and Miss Sarah. He LOVES Mario but we call him our "X Man" and we are very thankful to have Xavier in our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – WE are pleased to honor this girl this week in Mrs. Walker's Kindergarten Class. She is bubbly and happy-go-lucky when she arrives each morning. She is learning the classroom routines and enjoys stories and calendar time each day. She was very, very helpful last week when our new student arrived and showed her all around the school and on the playground. She likes to sing like her older sister. Congratulations and Happy Birthday Brandy.

Mrs. Hayes – We are happy to tell you about our terrific friend for this week. She is a hard worker both at school and at home. She tries her best to do neat and careful work. She is polite and kind to her friends! She is respectful, a good listener and cooperates with her teachers. Emily is our terrific classmate this week. Thank you, Emily.

Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid this week is the giggliest little girl. She is happy all the time and loves school. She always has a positive comment to make and is ready to help at the drop of a hat. We are so glad to announce that our terrific kid is Syreniti.

Mrs. Hussey –This week's terrific kid is a hard-working, cooperative, and friendly little girl. Briann has been working at school and after to improve her reading skills. She stays on task and tries her best in reading group each day. Briann also follows the "I Care" rules of our class and is a good friend to her classmates. Congratulations Briann!

Mrs. Redmond - This boy is a great worker. He comes in ready to get work done and sticks to his job. He loves reading and can be found during spare time with a book. Great job, Benjamin!!

Mrs. Dunham – My terrific kid is a girl who could have this honor every week. She is a good role model for her classmates to follow. She works hard each day to get her assignments done. Her work is neat and well organized. She is doing a great job learning her new cursive letters. She actively participates in all group activities. Way to go, Harley!

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a fantastic young lady. She works hard on everything asked of her. Her reading skills are improving. She is doing great in math. Her handwriting looks great, too. She has worked hard on her first day of NECAP testing. It is great to have Salena in our class.

Mrs. Woodard – Our terrific kid this week is Heaven. Heaven comes to school ready to learn. She is always on task and always gets her work done. She is helpful and will do anything asked of her - from stacking chairs to helping friends when needed. She has been making an effort to be to school on time. She worked hard and never complained during their NECAP testing. Congratulations Heaven!

Mrs. McMahon – Mrs. McMahon's Terrific Kid is a young lady who is not only a wonderful student, but a great classroom helper as well. Destiny is always willing to help her teacher with any and all classroom activities from erasing the board to running an errand, to helping clean up any messes. Not only that, but she stays on task, takes her studies seriously and always puts in her best effort with her schoolwork. Congratulations to Destiny and keep up the great work!

Mrs. Knowlton – This week's TK in 5K is one of the most helpful, responsible students I have ever met! She is respectful, and very, very responsible for her work and her planner. This terrific kid always does her best in class and she quietly encourages others in the room. I am so fortunate to have this girl in my class! Congratulations to TK, MacKenzi!

Mrs. Gillis – I observed this boy encouraging others this week,
This core value he does not delete,
He likes math and knows capitals like Paris and Madrid,
And he enjoys reading books about that wimpy kid!
Congratulations to Dylan!

Mrs. Clukey – This week's terrific kid from 6C is new this year to Milo Elementary. He enjoys reading and math. Mrs. DW said he did an amazing job on his math test this week. Mrs. Gurthie said she will miss his talks going over to lunch and out to recess. He is very kind and sharing to his peers. All his teachers are pleased to say Thomas is the TK this week.

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – The Terrific Kid this week in DW 6 is a student who has adapted very well to all the changes in scheduling due to NECAPs. He has been very active in class discussions both in my class and Mrs. Clukey's. He is a very helpful and eager student and classmate. He has been working hard to make sure all of his work is complete and handed in on time. I am very proud to say congratulations Eddie, you are this week's TK in DW6.

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