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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 10/14

October 13, 2011 - MILO - By Andrea Mills

Mrs. Carey – We are happy to tell you about our Terrific Kid this week because it is a happy story. He gets to school early in the morning after a long bus ride from Atkinson and walks into our room with a happy smile on his face. He shares his materials happily with his new friends and happily tells us lots of stories. And man, is he HAPPY when it's time for recess!!! We are thankful to have TERRIFIC LUKE Gin our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – WE are pleased to honor this dear sweet little guy with a great big smile from our room. HE has excellent manners and is always Mr. POLITE and SUPER KIND. We hear good reports daily from other teachers in the building about his kindness. He helped a girl in our room finish her work and sat next to her and gave her a compliment about nice she looked. This TK is the last to leave each night and helps put the chairs up on the tables. Congratulations to our newest TK Aleks K.

Mrs. Hayes – What a special young lady! Her friends say she is very friendly and a nice person. We all feel that she is respectful and kind. She is a hard worker and very helpful to her friends and teachers. We are happy and thankful to have Aileen S in our class.

Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid this week is an impy little boy. He is a great friend and loves to play outside. He is a good student, but likes to be moving. I don't blame him; it is hard to sit still sometimes. Congratulations to our wiggly wonder, Billy S!

Mrs. Hussey –This week I'd like to honor a boy who has shown tremendous courage. Frank Wood had an accident and badly injured his eye. He did not let that get him down. He came back to school as soon as possible and tried hard to do all his work. He never complains and tries to keep a positive attitude. We're proud of Frank's determination not to let this interfere with his progress in school. Congratulations Frank W!

Mrs. Redmond - This girl is a very willing worker. She comes in the classroom with a big smile and works hard for Mrs. Haley and myself. She follows the rules and enjoys school time. Congratulations to Kasside W!

Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a dear, sweet girl who comes in each day, ready to work. She stays on task until the job is done. She is kind to her claasmates and enjoys helping them when she can. She is working hard to learn her new cursive letters. Congratulations to Courtney W.

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a helpful young man. He always asks for help when he does not understand directions. He is helpful to his classmates and teachers. He enjoys math and frequently has something to contribute to our discussion. He also has very nice manners. Congratulations to Corey M.

Mrs. Woodard – Our terrific kid this week is Rosa C. Rosa comes to school each day ready to learn. She has gotten a 100% on every spelling test this year. Rosa follows our Core Values respecting her teachers and friends. Congratulations Rosa!

Mrs. McMahon – The Terrific Kid in Mrs. McMahon's room is Libby S. Libby really is a Terrific Kid. She has a wonderful attitude towards school and tries to do her best. She LOVES to read and because she practices so much, she is a very fluent and expressive reader! She is very responsible with her schoolwork and homework. And to top it off, she's a very helpful classmate to her peers. Congratulations to Libby S!!!

Mrs. Knowlton – This week's TK in 4K is a very hard-working BOY! He always does what he is asked to do and he is very, very responsible with his homework and planner. He is a good friend to everyone and he is respectful and friendly to all. I count on him every day to help straighten up the room and he is always good-natured and helpful. Congratulations to our TK in 5K, Austin S!

Mrs. Gillis – As a 4th grader, her teacher would say she was funny,
I agree with that, and she makes our days sunny,
She showed great effort on her NECAP test,
She's athletic and musical and never causes stress!
Congratulations to Cymeria R!

Mrs. Clukey – This week's terrific kid in 6C is a student who has been working really hard. He has been participating in class discussions and has been completing his assignments. He has worked enthusiastically on writing a new ending for his guided reading book. He has shown respect for his classmates and has been making new friends. Mrs. Clukey and Mrs. Guthrie are happy to announce that Robert J is the terrific kid in 6C.

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – This week's Terrific Kid in DW 6 is a student who has been working very hard this year in all of his classes. He is very active in class discussions and a leader in his science group. This student is very creative and can be found drawing during his free time and is a member of the band. He is a eager helper both in and out of the classroom. I can always rely on Daniel S to help in any way he can. Congratulation Daniel for being a Terrific Kid this week and every week!

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