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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 10/7

October 07, 2011 - MILO - By Andrea Mills

Mrs. Carey – Our Terrific Kid this week may be kind of tiny but she certainly is TERRIFIC! She is always happy and cheerful and everyone in our class would agree that she is a fun friend - she has LOTS of energy and makes working and playing together extra special. We are very thankful to have terrific Addison Conklin in our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – We are pleased to announce that we have chosen a boy this week to be our first TK in October. This boy is adjusting to Kindergarten in a grand way and he is learning our daily routines quickly. He is a great worker at the red table and is making many new friends. He loves to use the computer while waiting for the busses to be called. Congratulations to our newest TK, Manville Howell.

Mrs. Hayes – We celebrate our special terrific girl for the great progress she is making this year. Our terrific girl works hard, cooperates and is respectful to both friends and teachers. We are so happy to have Brianna Rouleau in our classroom. She is a good example to her classmates. Thank you Brianna Rouleau.

Mrs. Barden – The terrific kid in Mrs. Barden's room this week is a helpful little girl. She is a good friend and has learned the Golden Rule. Mrs. Walker will say she has grown up and changed. We are glad to tell you that Valarie Parker is our newest terrific kid.

Mrs. Hussey –This week my Terrific Kid is a helpful, cooperative, friendly boy. Grady Atkinson always gives his best effort on tasks. He's a great reader and loves to share books with his classmates. He always follows the "I Care" rules of our classroom by being respectful and responsible. Grady's a great second grader!! Congratulations Grady!!!

Mrs. Redmond - My Terrific Kid is new to our class, but has adjusted well. He is a hard worker and always does his best. He has shown himself to be responsible and trust worthy. Congratulations to Christopher Stevens!!

Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a boy who is a very enthusiastic learner. He has much to share and enjoys bringing new information to class discussions. He is a real math wiz. He can solve many of our hardest problems with ease. He is kind and helpful to peers and adults. He loves sports and is a loyal fan to his teams, even if one of them is the Yankees. We love having Zakary Mills in our class.

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a hard working, quiet kid. I love to see his hand in the air because I know he has something important to share with the class. He is a great reader and wonderful math student. We have started our cursive writing and he is doing fantastic. He loves to hang out with friends after school. It is nice to have Ryan Chase in our class.

Mrs. Woodard – Our terrific kid this week is Austin Larrabee. Austin always tries his hardest and encourages others to do so as well. He always returns his homework and often does more than asked by writing extra multiplication facts. His favorite subject is math and he enjoys helping his classmates during math time. Congratulations Austin!

Mrs. McMahon – Emily Herbest is Mrs. McMahon's Terrific Kid. Emily is a wonderful student and friend. She follows directions carefully, she stays focused on her studies, and she always comes to class prepared. She's compassionate toward her friends and is always willing to help. And she's gotten a 100% on all five of our spelling tests so far this year!! Keep up the great work and congratulations to Emily Herbest!

Mrs. Knowlton – 5K has one very terrific kid this week and 2 'honorable mentions.' There are 2 girls in 5K who went above and beyond to help us raise money for the Boston trip. These girls have already been recognized as terrific kids, so we won't do certificates, but I would like to recognize their efforts. Camryn Rolfe and Kaitlyn Black got together a presentation for the Fire Department at their meeting this week. Thanks to their efforts the fire department is donating $500 to the Boston trip this year! Thank you Kaitlyn and Camryn and thank you Fire Department!

Our terrific kid is another girl who has gone above and beyond recently. This civil rights team member, and new saxophone player, has been working on a community theatre project at Center Theatre in Dover-Foxcroft. So now you know, the TK in 5K is Cora Bailey. Cora is part of the children's chorus in "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." She has had some very long nights in the past 2 weeks and she still managed to get her homework done every night! She is inquisitive, responsible, respectful and very, very capble! Congratulations, Cora!

Mrs. Gillis – He has a new brother just born last week,
I'm sure Liam will teach his school's tricks and techniques
Such as reading good books like A Wrinkle in Time.
And getting to know Mr. Smith, a principal so fine.
Congratulations to Liam Hitchcock!

Mrs. Clukey – The TK from 6C worked really hard this week on the NECAPS. She come to school every day willing to stay focused on the task at hand. She is helpful to me and to her peers. Actually she could have been terrific kid any week this school year. All the sixth grade teachers are very proud to name Lanie Badger as this week's terrific kid.

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – This week's Terrific Kid in DW 6 is have a great year. This student has a positive attitude toward school and is working hard in all of her classes. She is becoming more active in class discussions and accepting new challenges. She is an active member of band and the Civil Rights Team. She has a great sense of humor and a very colorful personality. Congratulations to Cassy Larrabee for being the Terrific Kid in DW 6 this week!

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.