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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 9/30

October 01, 2011 - MILO - By Andrea Mills

Milo's Terrific Kids for Sept. 30th
Mrs. Carey – Our Terrific Kid this week is a little guy who is making god progress adjusting to school. He is full of energy and excitement and seems happy to be in school. We're learning a lot about this new friend - things like he LOVES recess and he LOVES books. And it's nice to know that he can be really kind and helpful to others. We are very thankful to have Brandon in our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – We are pleased to share the great news this week about this special guy in our KINDERGARTEN family. HE comes into the room every day happy and cheerful. He has learned our morning routines and is a helper with his peers. He really loves computer time, RECESS and the PRIZE BOX too. He is reading our schedule board daily and has 3 books already in his browsing box to read. Congratulations to Ashton.

Mrs. Hayes – We celebrate our special terrfic girl for the great progress she is making this year. Our terrific girl works hard, cooperates and is respectful to both friends and teachers. We are so happy to have Brianna in our classroom. She is a good example to her classmates. Thank you Brianna.

Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid is a great writer. His penmanship is the neatest. He has lots of friends and enjoys working in a group. His smile is sweet and his attitude is super. He always follows the Golden Rule. We are glad that Hayden is in our class.

Mrs. Hussey –My Terrific Kid this week is a girl who is terrific everyday! Hailey is kind, polite, helpful, friendly, and a wonderful second grader. She gives her best effort on tasks and produces neat work. She is becoming a great reader too. Hailey follows the "I Care" rules of our classroom and is a good friend to her classmates. She always encourages her classmates and is quick to say "Good job!" to others. Congratulations Hailey!!!

Mrs. Redmond - This week I would like to honor a girl in my room who has shown vast improvement in her attitude. She is working hard at all tasks and coming in with a big smile .I love this new Raven we are seeing!!

Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a boy who does very well in school. He stays on task to get his daily work done. He participates in all group activities. He loves to add to our discussions, especially in math. He is kind to his classmates and looks for ways to help them when he can. It's great to have Austin in our class.

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a fabulous young lady. She works hard each day. She is seeking help when she is stuck. She is always smiling. I love to see her hand in the air because I know that she has something interesting to share. I think it is going to be a wonderful year with this young lady - even if she does think I am middle aged!!! Congratulations to Ainsley!

Mrs. Woodard – Our terrific kids for this week is Latoya. She comes to school each day ready to learn and gets started right away on her morning work. I can count on her to practice our core values by doing her best and encouraging others. She is a responsible student that always finished her work on time and returns her homework everyday. Congratulations Latoya!

Mrs. McMahon – The Terrific Kid in Mrs. McMahon's class this week is a very sweet, caring young lady. She enjoys writing and is working on completing a wonderful story! She is also a very thoughtful and helpful friend. Congratulations to Amber!!!

Mrs. Knowlton – This week's TK in 5k is a student who has had excellent attendance this year! This student is everything you want a terrific kid to be. He is thoughtful and enthusiastic, respectful and very, very responsible! His planner is always signed and his homework is always done! He comes to school with a big smile on his face and he makes me laugh almost every day. He is a member of the civil rights team and a new trumpet player! Congratulations to the TK from 5K -- Jeremy!

Mrs. Gillis – Alliteration can be tricky and fun,
Your tongue gets tied before you are done.
Kaden composed a clever command,
He's brainy and bright and he's also in band.
Congratulations to Kaden.

Mrs. Clukey – This week's terrific kid from 6C has been working very hard on both her academics and on her behavior. Her affords did not go unnoticed by her teachers. She also has worked hard on the school's soccer team. She has turned into a task oriented student who has stayed focused to the work at hand. All the 6th grade teachers are hopeful that this new attitude will contiinue for Brianna throughout the school year.

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – The Terrific Kid in DW 6 this week is a student who always has a positive attitude and a big smile on her face. She is taking on a lot of new challenges this year as well as taking risks in speaking up in class. She is not afraid to ask for help or to share her knowledge with others. All of her teachers are very proud of her hard work and dedication in all that she does. Congratulations Zoie for being this week Terrific Kid in DW 6!

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