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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 9/23

September 23, 2011 - MILO

Milo Elementary's Terrific Kids
Mrs. Carey – We are happy to announce that our Terrific Kid this week is a little girl who is KIND - with a capital K! She shares willingly and seems to always be thinking of ways she can help other people. She is making lots of new friends and we are all thankful to have Madison Witham in our kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – Our TK is a boy this week in Kindergarten. He comes right in each morning and says "BOO!" I"M HERE!!! He is happy and good-natured all day long with his teachers and classmates. This TK is very eager to learn and do his work and often asks for more to do. HE is the prince of politeness and always uses his manners. Congratulations to Jake Williams....

Mrs. Hayes – What a special young fellow. He shares some very interesting information from his farm. We enjoy his kind personality and hard work. Check out his fun story about going to the farm last week! We are happy to have Brayden Rogers in our classroom and we are glad that he moved to our school.

Mrs. Barden – Our terrific kid this week is a great little sister. She is also a great little mother to her classmates. If you have a problem, she is our "go to" gal. Her reading and writing are always neat and she loves everything about school. Congratulations to Kiara Dunham, our newest terrific kid. Hooray for Kiara!

Mrs. Hussey – This week my Terrific Kid is a young man who comes to school ready to do his jobs and always gives his best effort on tasks. Joshua Webb is friendly, respectful, and cooperative. He's working hard to improve his reading skills too. Congratulations Josh!!
Mrs. Redmond - This boy is really trying hard to do his best every day. He works quietly and completes all assignments. He always is ready to help out and cares about his classmates. He is a great example to all. Congratulations, Alvin Robshaw!!!

Mrs. Dunham – Our terrific kid is a girl who loves to learn. She comes in each morning with a cheery greeting and then gets right to work. She participates in all group activities. She loves to read and discuss the books during reading class. Her morning work and homework are always done on time. Way to go, Lilly Lagasse.

Mrs. Mills – Our terrific kid is a great young man. He is kind, caring, and responsible. He is helpful, considerate, and cooperative. He is a hard worker and always has a smile on his face. It is certainly wonderful to have Kyle Larrabee in our class. Congratulations Kyle.

Mrs. Woodard – The terrific kid for our class this week is Lani Rideout. Lani always does her best and encourages other to do so as well. Lani is a responsible student and always hands in her homework. Her favorite book is Because of Winn Dixie and I can tell how much she enjoys reading by how engrossed she gets in books. Congratulations Lani!

Mrs. McMahon – Ethan Robinson is Mrs. McMahon's Terrific Kid this week. Ethan always put his best effort into his schoolwork. He asks questions when he needs clarification, he's always willing to participate in class discussions, and he has proven to be a great friend to his classmates. In addition to that, he is very responsible with his planner and homework. Congratulations to Ethan!!
Mrs. Knowlton – This student has been present 100% of the time this year! She is very, very responsible for her planner, her schoolwork, her homework and her health! She is a model of our core values! This new band student is a delight to have in my classroom. The TK for 5K is Kaitlyn Black!

Mrs. Gillis – Mrs. Gillis grade 5
Garden Club and Band kept her busy this week,
Her smile and manners are sweet and unique,
Where the Red Fern Grows is her favorite book,
And her good attendance we can't overlook.
Congratulations to MacKenzie Conley!

Mrs. Gillis would also like to announce that 4 of our students are attending the Young Americans workshop in Howland and will be performing Saturday Evening at 7PM at Penobscot Valley High School. All are welcome to attend the show. The four students are: Rachel McMannus, Cymeria Robshaw, Megan Robbins and Alexis Farnham.

Mrs. Clukey – This week's terrific kid goes to a young lady who came to school this week with a very positive attitude. Even though she had missed some school and knew she would have a lot of work to do. All her teahers are very proud of the persevance she has shown to get the work done. So congradulations to Allison Larry for being this week's terrific from 6C.

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – I am very excited to announce that Jordan Prendergast is this week's Terrific Kid in DW 6! Jordan is new to our school this year. She is one of the wonderful students joining us from the Marion C. Cook School. Jordan is a very conscientious student, a great friend and an eager helper. She is willing to take chances and try new things. She even applied to become my class errand runner without knowing where places were located throughout the buildings. Mrs. Clukey and I are very glad to have Jordan as part of our sixth grade class this year. Keep up the great work!!

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