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Milo Elementary Terrific Kids - 9/16

September 16, 2011 - MILO

Mrs. Carey – Our first Terrific Kid of the year is a little girl making a great transition into the "big school". There is just so much to learn - so much to remember - and so many new friends to make in kindergarten. But she's a little trooper and we are very thankful to have Destiny Siebert in our new kindergarten family.

Mrs. Walker – We are pleased to share that our first TK of the new year in KINDERGARTEN this year is a girl. She is transitioning full time into our room and is making daily progress with her new friends. HIP. HIP, HOORAY! WAY TO GO! Congratulations to Ashley Willis!!!!!

Mrs. Hayes – Our first terrific kid really is happy at school. He tells us that he really just loves school. He is a smart young boy. He is very good in math and we can count on him to guess our new words that we make during phonics. We are happy to have this polite boy in our class. Thank you Zacorie Gervais for being a terrific student.

Mrs. Barden – Our first terrific kid is a great little boy. He is very careful with his work and follows the Golden Rule every day. He has a big smile and a kind heart. Mr. Al would be happy to hear that Jacob Morse is the terrific kid in Mrs. B's class. Hooray for Jacob!

Mrs. Hussey –This week my Terrific Kid is a friendly, hard working, cooperative girl. She gets right to work on every task and does her best. Olivia Goodine is a terrific second grader. Congratulations Olivia!

Mrs. Redmond - My Terrific Kid this week is a girl who really knows how to behave in school. She works quickly and quietly to finish all assignments and is very responsible in class. I can count on her to do as she is told. Congratulations, Oriana Gooding!!!

Mrs. Dunham – Our first terrific kid is a girl who is very quiet and shy, but she is quite a worker. She comes in each day ready to do her jobs. Her work is well done and always on time. She is a good role model in the classroom. She is kind and helpful to everyone. We love having Karen Desmond in our third grade class.

Mrs. Mills – It has been a wonderful start in third grade. I have one young lady who is always right on task. She is a hard worker. She is polite. She volunteers in class. She is friendly and helpful to everyone. She will be leaving on a wonderul adventure in a few days and we will be anxiously waiting to hear all about her travels. It is super to have May Horton in our class.

Mrs. Woodard – My terrific kid for this week is Macee Grant. Macee is a hard worker and always does her best. She is a responsible student and a great helper in the classroom. Macee is respectful of her peers and teachers. Congratulations Macee!

Mrs. McMahon – Mrs. McMahon's first Terrific Kid of the year is Jessica Gervais! Jessica has come to school each and every day ready to learn. She stays on task, and does her best on all assignments. Her homework is always complete and her planner paper signed. She does let her sense of humor shine through at the end of the day, cracking jokes and singing for us! Congratulations to Jessica and keep up the great work!

Mrs. Knowlton –This has been the hardest year ever for selecting the first TK. These fifth graders are kind, motivated, enthusiastic, friendly -- they are everything we want our students to be! But since I have to choose just one I have selected a student who is helping the school with its attendance percentage by being present every day this year. This student is responsible, her "planner" has been signed every day, she is enthusiastic -- always on task and paying attention in class, she is respectful, friendly, and inclusive -- and she is thoughtful, she delivers the lunch envelopes every morning. This week's TK in 5K is Camryn Rolfe!!

Mrs. Gillis – This class made a great first impression,
It's hard to find just one that I can mention,
So I'll start with Miss Maddy, number 1 on our list,
She shows good restraint, and no days has she missed.
Congratulations to Madisyn Bellatty!

Mrs. Clukey – The first terrific kid from 6C is new to Milo Elementary but not to our district. She comes to school every day with a great attitude and all the things she needs to be successful. She is always friendly and polite to staff and her peers. Mrs. Gurthie and Mrs. DW agree with me and we all feel very lucky to have her here. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with Kortnie Stone, this week's terrific kid

Ms. Dixon-Wallace – The first Terrific Kid in DW 6 this year is a student who is off to a great start. This student comes to class everyday ready to roll! Mrs. Clukey has told me she is very impressed with this student's work ethic and study skills. This young man works well both independently and in groups. He is very helpful to his science group members and is very active in class discussions. I am very proud to announce that Brock Emery is this week's TK in DW!

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