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Care Packages for Troops Program

September 12, 2011 - TRC - By Terry Knowles

Care Packages for the Troops Program ongoing from September – November 2011.

Call Randy Kluj at 943-5509. For the last several years Post 41 American Legion has sent care packages to locally-connected service members. We collect money for postage or items from the attached list.

Organizations and businesses in this area have been very generous. We intend to send some packages in the next couple of weeks. We plan to do a mass mailing during the Thanksgiving holiday week. The following is the list of items we intend to collect.

Post 41 American Legion, Milo, Maine
Care package items for deployed troops
Items collected by: November 30, 2011
Mailing: first week of December 2011

Monetary donations accepted for mailing.

Healthy Choice microwave meals
Macaroni & cheese-individual servings-Kraft easy Mac, Velveeta
Campbell’s microwave soups-Soup at Hand
Chef-Boy-R-Dee-lasagna, ravioli, beefaroni
Dinty Moore stews
Marie Callendar’s microwave meals
Instant oatmeal-microwaveable packets
Cereal-individual box or cup
Tuna -foil packages or lunch serving packets
Hormel complete microwaveable meals
Granola bars, power bars, breakfast bars
Cheese-plastic squeezed, canned, or hickory farms
Pringles, nachos & chip dips
Peanuts-honey roasted, salted
Peanut butter
Minibags of microwaveable popcorn
Popcorn seasonings
Cookies and candies-chocolate ok this time of year
Instant Gatorade, crystal light drink mixes, hot chocolate
Slim Jims & beef jerky
Trail mix, raisins, dried fruits, & nuts

Toiletries & sundries

Room deodorizers
Baby wipes
Baby powder
Shampoo & conditioner
Toothpaste & toothbrushes
Listerine strips
Eye drops (Visine)
Sunblock, sunscreen
Body wash
Flashlights & batteries AA & C

List adapted from www.Give2TtheTroops.org
and deployed member’s feedback.

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.