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Tired of Waiting: Letter from Brownville Selectmen

October 01, 2004 - BROWNVILLE

In the last five years, the Town of Brownville has been in the uncomfortable position of having to tell several companies interested in bringing jobs to our community that we didn't have any pre-built or pre-permitted space that met their needs. We've tried waiting for companies to move to Piscataquis County prepared to permit land, build buildings, establish necessary infrastructure, and create jobs for our residents - it hasn't worked. We've seen once thriving businesses close up, taking jobs with them, and leaving people behind having to travel far and wide to find work. As we watch the out migration of our residents, it is clear that we can't continue with the status quo. The research is clear that companies looking to locate in our region are looking for infrastructure - whether it be buildings,water and sewer, or pre-permitted land on which to build.

Unfortunately, the small rural communities of Piscataquis County are unable to make the investments in infrastructure on our own that are needed to encourage businesses to locate in our area. The Piscataquis County Economic Development Bond Package that will be put before vote on November 2nd is a crucial element needed to address both the limit financial capacity of individual communities and lack of infrastructure necessary for commercial and/or industrial growth throughout the County.

The projects listed in the $952,000 bond package are aimed directly at addressing identified stumbling blocks to business growth and development throughout Piscataquis County. These funds will be used to leverage an additional $3,464,200 in state, federal, and private funding for these projects. Without the passage of the bond, these crucial infrastructure development projects will be stalled and, in the end, jobs that will benefit residents throughout the County may be lost.


The Brownville Board of Selectmen:
Dennis Green (Chairman), Gary Cook, Stephen Dean, Walter D. Durant, and Ronald Mihalik

NOTE - This article reflects the views of the author and not necessarily those of the TRC Alliance Team.
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